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Female Power-Lifter Makes Man Immediately Regret Grabbing Her Butt

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    Meet Leanna Carr.

    She’s a power-lifter and strength trainer of Asian descent from Colorado.

    🔸Today at @smartfitgirls summer camp, a group of middle school girls made me feel like the coolest person alive. One girl asked me to flex and before I knew it, I had a crowd of 30+ girls “oohing” and “ahhing” at my muscles 😂🤗This absolutely blew my mind. When I was their age, I was under the impression that muscles were only for boys. They were gross and bulky and I needed to look like a model in order to be perfect. The first time I dieted was in 6th grade because I didn’t like the fact that my thighs touched. I was made fun of because of the shape of my eyes and I was ashamed of my half-Asian ethnicity. I had no idea what positive self-esteem or body image meant. Looking back, I can tell you now that I certainly didn’t have it. I hated all of the things about myself that I currently love. 🔸#wcw to all my fellow ladies in strength. To the ones who aren’t afraid to compliment other women or pick one another up. The ones who make healthy choices most of the time but can enjoy a slice of cheesecake without guilt. The ones who set out to achieve the goals of their dreams… all while knowing that they are beautiful and perfect just the way that they are. The ones who respect other people and in turn demand it for themselves. The ones who embrace their muscles, curves, cellulite, belly rolls etc… all of the things that make them unique and human. 🔸It’s never too early to engrain this way of thinking into a young child’s mind. And if you’re passed this age but realizing that these are things that you struggle with too, please know that it is CERTAINLY not too late. We all deserve to live this life embracing our physical/mental strength and knowing our worth. To all of my fellow ladies in strength: we’re making history and I’m so proud to be a part of it. @smartfitgirls #smartfitgirls #smartfitgirlscamp #ironwomanstrength #teambodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom #bestself

    A post shared by Leanna Carr (@leanna_carr) on

    You definitely don’t want to meet her down a dark alleyway!

    One gropey guy learned this the hard way — by grabbing her butt and laughing hysterically, saying “you’re an American, you probably like it.”

    Last week while I was in Ireland, I experienced something that happens far too often. While walking down a busy street alone, I was inappropriately groped & mocked by a complete stranger. . I’m not a violent person & anyone who knows me knows that. It was a situation where I felt vulnerable, threatened, & real f*cking angry. I reacted emotionally (by punching him). Not sure this was the appropriate reaction to have, but it felt right & I’m fortunate it didn’t escalate. . A couple of days after I allowed my emotions about the situation to subside, I tweeted about it in a light hearted & joking manner. Overnight, the tweet went viral & it ended up on multiple news stories, radio shows, websites all over the world. This was completely unexpected and a little embarrassing tbh. I’d rather be internationally recognized for my passions, my brain, or my impact, not bc I punched a dude who grabbed my butt 😅 Even though many have joked about me being a hero or badass (lol I’ll take it) those closest to me know how shaken and distraught I was when it first happened. . Since then, I’ve had hundreds of women come forward through personal messages, sharing their own experiences of when they were sexually harassed or assaulted while traveling. From cat calls, lewd comments, being followed, being groped, getting flashed, etc. . This has nothing to do with how I look, what I wear, or where I am. These types of things happen every single day due to a problematic & deep rooted mindset of disrespect and superiority. A woman should feel free to travel and explore without experiencing the fear of violence or harassment. . I hope this blows over soon. Praise or attention was the last thing on my mind when I decided to defend myself. I’m stronger than most but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave an impact, emotionally. I figured these 5 seconds of fame would be a good opportunity to bring awareness to Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I feel this happens far too often & most victims just keep it to themselves. I’d love to open dialogue for any women (or men) who have dealt with similar situations below. What happened & how did you respond? How would you respond in this situation? #metoo

    A post shared by Leanna Carr (@leanna_carr) on

    One punch was all it took to teach that pervert a lesson — don’t sexually harass women.

    Netizens weighed in on the matter:

    She definitely hit him where it hurts!

    Let’s hope he thinks twice before assaulting another woman!

    Images via Instagram / leanna_carr

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