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DIA confirmed to make final August comeback before disbandment

  • DIA has announced an upcoming album drop in August, marking the K-pop girl group’s comeback following over two years of no new music releases.
  • The PocketDol Studio group is expected to disband following contract expirations later this year in September.
  • The group’s current lineup consists of Eunice, HuiHyeon, Yebin, Eunchae, JuEun and Chaeyeon.
  • The group debuted in 2015 with their self-titled album “Do It Amazing” and track “Somehow” and has seen several members leave over the years, including its former leader Seunghee, Jenny and Somyi.

DIA confirmed a new album will drop in August before they officially disband. 

The K-pop girl group, which currently consists of Eunice, HuyHyeon, Yebin, Eunchae, JuEun and Chaeyeon, is slated for one more comeback following over two years of no new music before their contracts expire later this year.

(G)I-dle announce dates and stops for 2022 world tour ‘Just Me ( )I-dle’

gidle announce tour
  • K-pop girl group (G)I-dle announced their 2022 'Just Me ( )I-dle world tour today.
  • The Cube Entertainment girl group will start with two concerts in Seoul before heading to eight cities in the U.S. and parts of Mexico and then rounding out the tour with more stops in Asia.
  • This will be the first tour for the group as five members since the departure of Soojin.
  • Their most recent album “I Never Die” and comeback track “Tomboy” were released in March.

K-pop girl group (G)I-dle announced dates and stops for their upcoming 2022 “Just Me ( )I-dleworld tour today.

The Cube Entertainment group will start in Seoul for two concerts on June 18 and 19 before hitting eight cities in the U.S. as well as Santiago, Mexico City and Monterrey in Mexico. The tour will finally circle back to Asia with performances in Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo and Singapore. More dates and locations are still to be announced.

Jiho departs from K-pop girl group Oh My Girl after seven years

jiho oh my girl
  • Jiho is departing K-pop girl group Oh My Girl after seven years, after having decided not to renew her contract.
  • All six other members of the group under WM Entertainment have renewed their respective contracts.
  • Jiho shared a heartfelt, handwritten letter to fans (collectively referred to as Miracle) on the group’s fan cafe to express her thanks and gratitude.
  • Oh My Girl debuted in 2015 with a self-titled album. Their most recent release “Real Love” comes off their second studio-length album of the same name.
  • The group recently celebrated their seventh anniversary since their debut on April 30.

Jiho is departing K-pop girl group Oh My Girl after seven years after having decided not to renew her contract with WM Entertainment. 

WM Entertainment released a statement yesterday confirming the news. All six other members — Hyojung, Mimi, Arin, YooA, Seunghee and Yubin (formerly known as Binnie) — however, have renewed their contracts.

Oklahoma K-pop star AleXa crowned the winner of inaugural ‘American Song Contest’

  • K-pop idol AleXa is the first crowned winner of the “Eurovision”-inspired competition show “American Song Contest,” co-hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg.
  • The show’s contestants each represented a U.S. state or territory and performed an original song for the title of America’s Best Song. 
  • AleXa, representing Oklahoma, was initially in fifth place after only amassing 60 points, but public voting soared her to victory for a total of 710. 
  • Fellow K-pop artists including Mamamoo, Eric Nam, Golden Child and Kard supported the 25-year-old artist with their votes and congratulations. 
  • As the winner, AleXa will have the opportunity to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 15 and will also have her original track “Wonderland” played on iHeartRadio.      

K-pop soloist AleXa won the inaugural crown of NBC’s “Eurovision”-inspired singing competition show “American Song Contest.”

In a recent interview with NextShark prior to her finale performance, the 25-year-old shared her experience of being in the competition and what winning would mean to her. 

Young Vietnamese car enthusiasts build Bugatti Chiron replica using clay in viral video

  • A viral Twitter video shows a group of friends in Vietnam using clay to construct a replica Bugatti. 
  • The video has amassed over 10 million views in three days. The video was originally posted by the group to their YouTube channel called NHẾT TV, which has other videos that document the car’s year-long construction process.
  • Users on Twitter praised the group’s ingenuity while others were critical of the project or thought the car was actually made of clay, not realizing the mold was removed and replaced with fiberglass.
  • Others pointed out the project reminded them of a “Saturday Night Live” sketch of a clay car called The Adobe.

A viral video on Twitter shows a group of young friends in Vietnam building a replica of a Bugatti luxury car out of clay. 

The video, shared by Twitter user @_figensezgin, has amassed over 10 million views in just three days.

Got7 drops teaser and announces first full group comeback since leaving JYP Entertainment

  • K-pop boy group Got7 announced a full group comeback on Monday, following their last group release “Encore” in February last year, with teasers to celebrate the eighth anniversary of their fandom Ahgase (short for “I got 7”).
  • The self-titled EP is slated for a May 23 release at 6:00 p.m. KST, following an in-person concert for fans on May 21 and 22 at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Korea. An online version of the May 22 show will also be available.
  • New social media accounts have been created for the group since their departure from JYP Entertainment last year.
  • The members have been busy with solo projects in the meantime, such as Bambam’s new music under the Golden State Warriors’ new entertainment division and Jackson Wang’s performance as part of 88rising at Coachella.

K-pop boy group Got7 celebrated the eighth anniversary of their fandom Ahgase (short for “I Got 7”) on Monday with a teaser for their new EP to announce an upcoming full group comeback.

The seven-member group will release its self-titled EP on May 23 at 6:00 p.m. KST. New official social media accounts on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter were created for the group on May 6th and feature a teaser video of their logo.

‘American Song Contest’ grand finale: K-pop idol AleXa wants to show ‘what America has to offer’

When one thinks of K-pop, a particular image might come to mind – an artist born and raised in Korea or someone scouted internationally in a neighboring east Asian country who goes on to train at a major label for a forthcoming debut in the next big group.

Then there is AleXa, born Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman – a K-pop idol born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a Russian American father and Korean American adoptee mother. Before her debut as AleXa in 2019, she had never lived in Korea or spoken fluent Korean.

South Korea’s culture minister calls for BTS’ exemption from military service

  • South Korea’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee said BTS should be allowed to substitute the country’s mandatory two-year conscription for alternative contributions.
  • Under the Military Service Act, all able-bodied Korean men must enlist for two years of military service before the age of 30.
  • An amendment dubbed the “BTS law,” which was passed in late 2020, raised the age limit from the original 28.
  • Jin, BTS’ oldest member, is slated to begin his conscription upon turning 30 in December.
  • Citing BTS’ looming enlistment, Hwang said “forcing globally recognized pop culture artists to halt their careers at their peak in order to serve in the military would cause a great loss not only to the country but also to the entire world.”

In a press briefing on Wednesday, South Korea’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee said BTS should be allowed to substitute the country’s mandatory two-year conscription for alternative contributions given their status as global personnel.

BTS members’ possible military enlistment has been a controversial issue since the group rose to global stardom. At present, the Military Service Act requires all able-bodied Korean men to enlist for two years of military service before age 30. 

New York City Council holds hearing on wave of anti-Asian hate crimes

  • New York City Council members convened on Tuesday for a hearing to address ongoing local anti-Asian hate issues.
  • The hearing was conducted by the Council’s Committee on Civil and Human Rights and the Committee on Public Safety.
  • According to Christopher Marte, a member who represents Chinatown and sits on the Council’s Committee on Civil and Human Rights, the hearing questioned New York City Police Department officials and members of the city’s Commission on Human Rights.
  • Councilmember Julie Won used her time during the hearing to ask about reports that the NYPD Hate Crimes Bureau downplayed incidents of anti-Asian hate brought to them.

New York City Council members met Tuesday at a hearing to address the continuous local anti-Asian hate crimes.

The hearing, jointly conducted by the Council’s Committee on Civil and Human Rights and the Committee on Public Safety, aimed to address “what progress, if any, has been made in regards to the city’s response to the widespread hate, and where there is room for improvement,” an email announcement said.

Aespa harassed during their performance at all-boys school, photos posted online with sexual comments

  • K-pop girl group Aespa was harassed during their performance on Monday at an all-boys high school, the alma mater of their label founder Lee Soo-man.
  • Four boys rushed the stage uninvited and took selfies with the girls, which were then posted online with sexually inapporiate comments.
  • The girls were also rushed at and touched while leaving the school, leading many netizens to criticize SM Entertainment for not providing enough security for the group.
  • Kyungbock High School has since issued an apology letter to SM Entertainment over the incident but took the apology down after it was met with criticism for blaming outsiders rather than taking responsibility for their students actions.

During their recent performance at an all-boys school, K-pop girl group Aespa was caught off guard when students rushed the stage and took photos with them, some of which were later posted online with sexual comments.

Coming off the heels of a historic performance on Coachella’s main stage, Aespa was invited to perform Monday at Kyungbock High School in Seoul during a school festival. The high school is the alma mater of Lee Soo-man, head of Aespa’s label SM Entertainment. Per tradition, many new SM groups have performed at the school.

Viral video capturing paparazzo’s remark about NCT’s Johnny stirs fan outrage

Johnny Suh
  • A video of a paparazzo muttering, “He doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. F*ck,” while trying to get K-pop idol Johnny’s attention went viral on Twitter and TikTok.
  • Johnny was born in Chicago and is fluent in English – a fact he previously had to point out to a reporter in 2019 who told him, “By the way, your English is phenomenal.”
  • The NCT member is the fifth male K-pop idol to attend the Met Gala, joining the ranks of EXO‘s Lay, PSY, Rain and Super Junior‘s Siwon.
  • Johnny teamed up with Vietnamese American designer Peter Do for his three-piece outfit for the pair’s first Met Gala.

A paparazzo’s comment at the Met Gala about Johnny of K-pop boy group NCT has stirred outrage online. 

The photographer can be seen and heard in a video calling out to Johnny, “Johnny Suh, over here! On this side, please!” Unable to get Johnny’s attention, the paparazzo mutters under his breath, “He doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. F*ck.” 

Hybe’s new girl group Le Sserafim debuts with album and title track ‘Fearless’

le sserafim
  • K-pop girl group Le Sserafim debuted today with their album and title track “Fearless.”
  • They are the first girl group jointly managed by labels Hybe and Source Music.
  • The group consists of six members, including three former contestants on Korean idol survivor show “Produce 48”: Korean American Huh Yun-jin and former Iz*One members Sakura Miyawaki and Kim Chae-won, who serves as leader of the group. The other members are Japanese ballerina Nakamura Kazuha, Kim Ga-ram and Hong Eun-chae.
  • Le Sserafim is an anagram of “I’m fearless,” personally chosen by Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk.

K-pop girl group Le Sserafim, jointly managed by BTS’ parent label Hybe and Source Music, has debuted with their album and title track “Fearless.”

The six-member group also dropped their debut music video today for the song, a confident track declaring the group’s motto “I’m fearless.” Le Sserafim’s name is an anagram of that same phrase, which was chosen by BigHit founder and Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk himself.