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Sydney activist sparks outrage over ‘F*ck Xi Jinping’ sign in Asian market

  • Drew Pavlou, a 20-year-old activist running for Queensland’s Senate, incensed crowds at a shopping area in Sydney when he showed up with a “F*ck Xi Jinping” sign on Saturday.
  • Video from the daring stunt shows at least three people yelling expletives at Pavlou, who claimed that the situation had escalated to an assault.
  • Chris De Bruyne, who goes by the moniker Chriscoveries online, a protest journalist covering the scene, was put in a “bear hug” by members of the crowd, as seen in the video.
  • Pavlou said New South Wales police are planning to charge him over the incident but claimed that he still does not know what he’s being charged with.
  • The NSW Council of Civil Liberties, one of Australia’s top human rights organizations, said using the word “f*ck” in a political statement is not considered offensive.

An Australian activist running for a Senate seat in Queensland triggered chaos when he showed up with a “F*ck Xi Jinping” sign at a shopping strip in Sydney’s northwest on Saturday.

Drew Pavlou, 20, who leads the Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance, quickly drew an angry crowd at the predominantly-Asian area, as seen in a 49-second video posted on Twitter.

China’s government responds after Trump says it ‘destroyed the world’ with COVID, Xi is a ‘killer’

Trump & Chinese Chinese President Xi Jinping
  • Former President Donald Trump said President Xi Jinping is a "killer" who "destroyed the world" in an interview with Fox News.
  • But he doesn't think that the U.S. should boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.
  • A spokesperson from China's Foreign Ministry said that Trump’s allegations are “just nonsense.”

Former President Donald Trump said in a recent Fox News interview that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “killer” who “destroyed the world” after the way China handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump’s claims

Xi tells Putin that Russia, China are better than allies, Kremlin says

China Russia Allies

Chinese President Xi Jinping described Beijing and Moscow’s relationship as better than an alliance in a video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

Driving the news: The video call, the second between the two leaders in 2021, came a week after Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden also met virtually to discuss mounting tensions in the Russia-Ukraine border. During the U.S.-Russia call, Biden warned that Russia would face painful sanctions if it invaded Ukraine again, while Putin demanded legally binding guarantees that Ukraine would not be permitted to join NATO, as the move would directly threaten its border.

Third-ever historical resolution by CCP paves way for Chinese President Xi Jinping to have third term

President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to rule for a third consecutive term — a period of at least five more years — with the passing of a landmark resolution that celebrates his work and puts him on par with former leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

A historical resolution: The resolution, which was passed on Nov. 11, is    is reportedly the third of its kind in the 100-year history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with Mao passing the first in 1945 and Deng passing the second in 1981.

China’s President is the ‘Most Dangerous Opponent of Free Societies,’ Says Billionaire George Soros

Billionaire George Soros has called Chinese President Xi Jinping “the most dangerous enemy” of free societies during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Hungarian-American investor told a dinner audience at the event that the Chinese leader’s power lies in China’s hi-tech surveillance capabilities, reports Agence France-Presse

People Using Twitter in China May Face J‌a‌il Time, Th‌re‌a‌ts to Their Family

In China, “Twitter j‌a‌il,” normally when you get locked out of your account when you’ve reached the limit of 100 tweets per hour or 1,000 per day, could mean literal j‌a‌il time.

Chinese police are rep‌ort‌edly detaining and questioning Twitter users as authorities escalate its crackdown on China’s online censorship in part of President Xi Jinping’s campaign in suppressing interactivity, according to The New York Times.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Solidify Bromance By Cooking Russian Pancakes With Caviar

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping just proved to the world that they are real best bros by cooking side-by-side during a break from their meeting at an economic forum earlier this week.

Chinese leader Xi and Putin showcased their cooking skills in front of people and the camera on Tuesday at the “Far East Street” during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia by making a traditional Russian pancake called Blini, according to Business Insider.

New Disney Film Banned in China Over Winnie the Pooh Memes

Christopher Robin,” a live-action adaptation of the Disney series “Winnie the Pooh,” has been banned from being screened in theaters in China, making it the second film this year to be denied a release in the country after “A Wrinkle in Time.”

An insider told The Hollywood Reporter that the reason for the ban could have something to do with the foreign film quota in China, which is currently at 34 movies per year.