Video captures screaming woman dragged to quarantine camp in China

Video captures screaming woman dragged to quarantine camp in ChinaVideo captures screaming woman dragged to quarantine camp in China
Ryan General
November 3, 2022
Shocking footage has emerged in China of a woman purportedly being dragged to a COVID-19 quarantine camp by officials in hazmat suits. 
“Under Xi Jinping’s rule, every night, thousands of people are being dragged into Covid quarantine camps,” Twitter user Songpinganq wrote in a post accompanying the video. 
The short clip, which is believed to have been taken in October, shows the woman on the ground while screams and shrieks can be heard in the background. 
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In the same video, other people are also seen being lifted or dragged by officials in hazmat suits.
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The user also posted a clip apparently showing what a COVID-19 quarantine camp in Shanghai looks like. Inside the isolation facilities, the room contains a table, a bunk bed, a television and a toilet with a sink.
The videos emerged as China resumed imposing strict COVID-19 restrictions on an estimated 232 million citizens, according to a report by Japanese bank Nomura. As of Oct. 27, around 31 Chinese cities have reportedly been placed under some form of lockdown, restricting one in six people in the country. 
On Douyin, China’s version of Tiktok, users are sharing clips of shipping containers made into temporary shelters within an isolation center in Guangan city, Sichuan.
The strict zero-COVID policy being implemented in China requires everyone infected with COVID and all of their close contacts to be housed in such isolation facilities for at least a week.
Back in May, thousands of people from the Liuanzhuang village in northern Tianjin were ordered into quarantine after dozens of COVID-19 cases were detected in the district. 
Featured Image via Songpinganq
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