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Hong Kong, the Philippines Brace For Powerful Super Typhoon Mangkhut with 180 MPH Winds

Countries in the east and southeast Asian region have been conducting evacuations and disaster preparations in the last few days in anticipation of two powerful typhoons approaching this week.

Thousands of residents from low-lying areas of Guangdong province in China have been evacuated ahead of Typhoon Barijat’s landfall in the country on Thursday.

Badass Policewoman in China Directs Traffic in Brutal -60 Degree F Weather

A Chinese policewoman from Hulunbuir in north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region is spreading her awesomeness online after pictures of her directing traffic even under brutally cold weather went viral.

According to Chinese media, the temperature in the city on Tuesday, January 23, dropped to a staggering -50.4 degrees Celsius (-58.72 Fahrenheit) in what is considered as a record low in the region, China Daily reported.

American Kids Stay Home When It Snows While China Keeps Schools Open at -50 Degrees Fahrenheit

China’s Hulunbuir region, in northeastern Inner Mongolia, suffered from heavy fog and strong arctic winds that limit the visibility around the area on Wednesday, but the icy cold weather wasn’t enough to cancel schools.

All of the monitoring stations in the area recorded a chilling temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit). One monitoring station recorded a blistering temperature that reached as low as 46.6 degrees Celsius (minus 51.88 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Shanghaiist.

Chinese Weatherman Nearly Struck By Lightning During Live Report

The hazards of being a weatherman include the occasional walks through floods, getting wet during storms or being swept by powerful winds. On very rare occasions, however, one gets to experience something a lot worse, like being struck by lightning.

Unfortunately, one Chinese weather man suffered the worst possible fate but thankfully managed to live to tell the tale.

China is Spending $168 Million to Control the Weather

China’s power over the weather is set to grow exponentially in the next few years as its government begins bankrolling a weather control project to the tune of 1.15 billion yuan (almost $168 million). The initiative is reportedly an effort to combat drought in the country’s northwestern provinces.

The budget, the biggest allotted to a Chinese weather modification program yet, has already been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.