Chinese Weatherman Nearly Struck By Lightning During Live Report

Chinese Weatherman Nearly Struck By Lightning During Live Report
Ryan General
April 25, 2017
The hazards of being a weatherman include the occasional walks through floods, getting wet during storms or being swept by powerful winds.
Unfortunately, one Chinese weather man suffered the worst possible fate but thankfully managed to live to tell the tale.
Dalian native Xiao Dong made headlines in China after he was unlucky enough to get struck by lightning during his live broadcast for Dalian TV, reports People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).
Dalian Meteorological Bureau shared the video of the incident on its official social media account Monday afternoon.
The footage shows that the lightning struck the poor reporter as he was delivering his news on a rooftop during a thunderstorm on Monday morning. The man, however, sustained only minor injuries as he was actually struck by the sparks of the lightning, instead of the bolt itself.
The jolted reporter shared that the shock made his arms, hands, and fingers feel numb, as if “ants were crawling over them.” His palm, which held his umbrella with metal handle, also felt painful.
Observers noted that the metal handle of his umbrella had attracted the electricity from the lightning towards him. His cameraman, who allegedly held an umbrella with a wooden handle, was spared from being electrocuted.
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