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American Man Sues Japan For Not Letting Him Live With His Japanese Husband

An American man who married a Japanese man in the U.S. sued the Japanese government this week, demanding long-term resident status foreigners in heterosexual marriages typically get rights to.

Andrew High and his Japanese husband, identified only as Kohei, have been together for 15 years before tying the knot in 2015 after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across all 50 states.

9 Chinese Exchange Students Denied Entry to the U.S., Sent Back to China

Nine exchange students returning to Arizona State University from China were stopped and temporarily detained by Customs and Border Protection at Los Angeles International Airport.

University officials said in a statement on Friday that the Chinese students were “denied admission to the U.S. to continue their studies” and were sent back to China “over the last weekas they were returning for the fall semester.

Vietnamese Mother Misses Her U.S. Navy Son’s Funeral After Visa is Denied TWICE

Hung Truong, the father of four-year Navy veteran Ngoc Hoan Truong, is infuriated with the United States government’s decision not to approve his Vietnam-born ex-wife’s visa to attend their son’s funeral.

Truong’s mother tried to apply for a U.S. visa twice, but was denied both times, according to his father, who owns a jewelry store in Blytheville, Arkansas, WREG reported.

U.S. Stops Issuing Visas in Cambodia Because the Country Won’t Take Back Deportees

The American embassy in Phnom Penh stopped issuing certain visas on Wednesday as Cambodia fails to take back its citizens being deported from the U.S.

The discontinued visas include B1, B2 and B1/B2 for employees of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, above the rank of director general and their families, with “limited exceptions.”

Foreign-Born U.S. Military Recruits Promised Citizenship May Now Face Deportation

A thousand foreign-born recruits in the U.S. Army may face deportation as the Pentagon reportedly plans to scrap a program that previously promised citizenship to immigrants who were willing to serve.

Citing an undated Pentagon memo prepared for Defense Secretary James Mattis, the Washington Post reports that the Defense Department is mulling the cancellation of the enlistment contracts for immigrant recruits who enlisted through its Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) program.