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Elon Musk teases turning Twitter into ‘everything app’ like China’s WeChat

  • Elon Musk on Tuesday teased the creation of an “everything app” called “X.”
  • The world’s richest man, 51, made the announcement after offering to buy Twitter for its originally agreed-upon price of $44 billion, or $54.20 per share.
  • Musk said the Twitter buyout will likely accelerate the development of X by three to five years, “but I could be wrong.”
  • Various speculations have been made about the upcoming app, including a larger social platform, an Amazon killer and a “super app” inspired by China’s WeChat.
  • Twitter is reportedly discussing Musk’s offer.

Elon Musk hinted at the creation of an “everything app” shortly after once again offering to buy Twitter for $44 billion.

The world’s richest man, 51, first sought to buy the microblogging platform for said price in April. However, he tried to back out from the deal two months later, triggering a legal battle that experts said would ultimately have resulted in his loss.

Constance Wu says controversial ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ tweets were in response to sexual harassment frustrations

constance wu
  • During a recent appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” actor Constance Wu addressed her controversial 2019 tweets about the renewal of her show “Fresh Off the Boat.”
  • According to Wu, her tweets about the show’s renewal became an outlet for her frustration after years of experiencing sexual harrassment at the hands of a senior producer.
  • “The thing I learned is that bad feelings and abuse don’t just go away because you will it to. It’s going to come out somewhere. People didn’t understand the context of those tweets.”
  • In a separate interview with USA Today, Wu shared that she now feels “equipped with the tools to talk about it and open up conversations” after having “gone through a ton of therapy.”
  • Wu’s debut book, "Making a Scene," is set to release on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Constance Wu has shed more light on her controversial 2019 tweets regarding the renewal of her show “Fresh Off the Boat.”

At the time, Wu’s profanity-laced tweets shocked fans and co-stars, with many interpreting her frustration as ungrateful. 

Tennis star and certified ARMY Naomi Osaka meets BTS’ SUGA in Japan

  • Olympic tennis star Naomi Osaka made her ARMY dreams come true when she met BTS’ SUGA on Friday.
  • Both sat courtside for the NBA Japan Games’ first match between the Golden States Warriors and the Washington Wizards.
  • Osaka, who used to run a BTS fan account, told SUGA “Autumn Leaves” was a great song.

Tennis Olympian Naomi Osaka, who has been an ARMY for years, finally met BTS’ SUGA at an NBA preseason game in Japan. 

Osaka said during a 2019 press conference for the Madrid Open, “I got into BIGBANG and 2NE1, especially CL. I don’t know the year, sort of like when ‘Crush’ and stuff came out. And then I just saw BTS doing a lot of related stuff, so I was like, ‘Who are these kids?’ Then I slowly started getting into them during the ‘I Need U’ era.”

Anthony Bourdain calling out Singapore’s treatment of domestic workers goes viral

  • An old video of the late chef Anthony Bourdain recently went viral on Twitter and sparked a heated debate about how Singapore treats its domestic workers.
  • “What are maids?” Bourdain asks as he sits down with locals in Singapore for his food and travel show, “Parts Unknown.”
  • The woman explains that maids are like the “opiate of the masses” in the country.
  • Twitter users appeared to side with the chef for calling out indentured labor in Singapore.
  • Singapore’s government has tried to make improvements to the well-being of domestic workers, including giving them a day off at least once a month starting at the end of 2022.

A video of late chef Anthony Bourdain from 2017 recently went viral on Twitter and sparked a heated debate about how Singapore treats its domestic workers.

“What are maids?” Bourdain asks as he sits down with locals in Singapore for his food and travel show, “Parts Unknown.” 

Writer who has never heard of Panda Express amuses Twitter with article on the popular chain

  • Lincoln Anderson, editor and owner of Manhattan community newspaper The Village Sun, became a trending topic on Twitter after excerpts from his recent article on Panda Express were shared on the platform.
  • Anderson, who had never heard of Panda Express, wrote about the opening of a new location from the popular Asian American restaurant chain, calling it a “self-described ‘fast-casual’ Chinese restaurant.”
  • The article further noted that the restaurant “describes its fare as ‘Chinese Flavors With American Tastes,’ if that makes sense. The chain’s 'all-time favorite' dish is 'Original Orange Chicken.’"
  • While many Twitter users found the post funny, some defended Anderson’s article, noting that it’s possible for someone to never run into a Panda Express, particularly in Manhattan, New York.
  • In response, Anderson admitted that he was not that familiar with the restaurant but argued that “many New Yorkers probably don’t have a clue what Panda Express is — or don’t care, no disrespect to Panda Express.”

An editor for a local newspaper in Manhattan, New York, who had never heard of Panda Express, was ridiculed on Twitter for an article he wrote about the popular Asian American restaurant chain. 

Covering the opening of a Panda Express outlet in the city, The Village Sun’s Lincoln Anderson wrote: “Admittedly, it’s no Hane. Rather than a swanky sushi spot, it’s a self-described ‘fast-casual’ Chinese restaurant.”

Thai Red Cross strongly recommends people not sell their kidneys for iPhone 14s

iPhone Kidney meme
  • Dr. Sophon Mekthon, the managing director of the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center, condemned the circulating “kidney-for-iPhone 14” meme on Sunday after the picture reached Thai social media over the weekend.
  • “There is no organ trading. That is prohibited,” Mekthon said. “It is inappropriate to suggest selling organs, especially to get money to buy an iPhone. It is morally wrong and unethical."
  • The photo, which has since been taken down as of reporting, reportedly originated from a Vietnamese beauty clinic based in Laos.
  • The picture featured three people holding up iPhones with their bandaged abdomens exposed, implying that they each sold their kidney to afford a brand new iPhone 14.

A Thai doctor has condemned a circulating meme suggesting that three people pictured with bloodied bandages on their abdomens sold their kidneys to buy the new Apple iPhone 14.

Dr. Sophon Mekthon, the managing director of the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center, warned people on Sunday that organ trading in Thailand is illegal and condemned the circulating meme after it reached Thai social media over the weekend.

Samsung shades Apple for new ‘deep purple’ iPhone 14 Pro

iphone 14
  • Samsung recently shaded Apple in a tweet for allegedly copying its BTS-inspired Bora Purple Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.
  • The official Samsung Mobile US Twitter account wrote “Cool Story Bro,” with purple circle emojis replacing the letter O’s.
  • A BTS fan speculated that Apple was inspired by BTS and Samsung’s purple device, prompting Samsung to respond: “The math is mathing.”
  • As Twitter users compared Samsung’s smartphones and the iPhone 14, Samsung continued to respond with witty comments.

Following Apple’s newest release of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung uploaded a snarky tweet implying that the “deep purple” iPhone copied their Bora Purple Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.

On Sep. 7, Apple officially introduced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, revealing a new “deep purple” color option for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

BTS fans angry after city of Busan requests HYBE pay the bill for free concert

BTS Busan
  • BTS fans are upset after the city of Busan, South Korea, insisted that label HYBE pay for the cost of a free BTS concert.
  • The concert is part of Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.
  • The Busan Metropolitan Government and the Expo committee claimed they do not have the funds to pay for the concert.
  • Media outlets have estimated that the cost for the concert will be around $5 million, but HYBE says it will cost more and has agreed to pay for advertising costs through sponsors.

BTS fans, ARMY, are outraged with the government of Busan, South Korea, for insisting that BTS’ label HYBE pay for a free BTS concert in the city. 

The BTS concert is part of the city of Busan’s efforts to host the World Expo in 2030. The K-pop superstars were appointed as ambassadors for Busan’s expo campaign just a month ago. 

Dashcam video captures moment deadly earthquake strikes China’s Sichuan province

china earthquake
  • A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit China’s southwestern Sichuan province, killing at least 65 people and injuring more than 200 others.
  • There are at least 12 people missing, according to reports.
  • Over 50,000 people have relocated to safer areas, while rescuers continue to retrieve over 200 people stranded in the quake zone.
  • In a viral video captured on a vehicle’s dashcam, a vehicle can be seen driving along a street when the earthquake struck. Trees can be seen violently swaying just before the facade of a building crumbles onto the street as people run away from the scene.

An earthquake that hit China’s southwestern Sichuan province has killed at least 65 people and injured more than 200 others.

The 6.6-magnitude quake struck southwest of Sichuan’s capital Chengdu at around 1 p.m. local time on Monday with aftershocks continuing into Tuesday, impacting an estimated 1 million people.

LOONA fans voice concern over health of several members missing tour performances

  • Fans of K-pop girl group LOONA are calling out label BlockBerry Creative and tour promoters MyMusicTaste after several members dropped out of performances during their world tour.
  • LOONA’s tour in North America consisted of 14 shows across 13 cities in less than a month, including an additional performance at KCON LA 2022.
  • Jinsoul was absent during their Washington, D.C., show because of aches, while youngest member Yeojin sat out of their Atlanta show and fainted on stage in Mexico City. Choerry and Hyeju were absent in Mexico City because of various health issues, and leader Haseul has been performing in a sling for their last four shows.
  • They have now returned to Korea and will soon leave for the European leg of their tour starting on Sept. 6, but they lost their luggage during a layover in Canada, which held clothes, earpieces and mics.

K-pop girl group LOONA has had various mishaps on their first world tour, “Loonatheworld,” and fans are growing concerned for the members’ health after several missed concert performances.

LOONA’s label BlockBerry Creative and tour promoters MyMusicTaste announced the tour in June with the caveat that member Chuu would not participate due to health reasons, although fans claim poor management and mistreatment of Chuu as the real reason for her absence. 

‘Rush Hour’ fans celebrate the franchise’s ‘healthy racism’

  • Twitter users are commenting on jokes from the iconic “Rush Hour” film franchise after user @Lexisriches proclaimed that the sequels are “so racist.”
  • One of the scenes shared in @Lexisriches' thread, which has over 26,000 likes, is the iconic Hong Kong spa fight scene where LAPD detective Carter (Chris Tucker) accidentally punches Hong Kong detective Lee (Jackie Chan) in the face during the scuffle and tells him, “All y’all look alike.”
  • In another scene shared by user @Itsdrew_5, Lee and Carter are tied up inside a moving truck. While the two bicker, Lee tells Carter, “I’ll b*tch-slap you back to Africa.”
  • The scene in “Rush Hour 2” where Carter can be heard speaking a made-up language was also shared.
  • Although “Rush Hour” was a commercial success in the United States after it was first released in 1998 – making over $141 million domestically and a total of $244 million worldwide – the franchise never took off as hoped in the Asian market.

Twitter users are commenting on jokes from the iconic “Rush Hour” film franchise after one user proclaimed that the sequels are “so racist.”

Over the weekend, Twitter user @Lexisriches wrote about the sequels, and what started as a single tweet opened up an alley down memory lane where many users pulled up some jokes from the buddy cop film franchise that have not aged well.

Elephant mom tries to teach her clumsy calf how to go down a slope in viral video

  • A video of a mother elephant teaching her baby how to climb down a small slope as he dives headfirst and clumsily tumbles down has gone viral.
  • The video, shared to Twitter on Wednesday, has garnered over 10.6 million views.
  • Twitter users were left amused by the adorable baby elephant’s graceless attempt.

An adorable video shared to Twitter on Wednesday shows a mother elephant demonstrating how to carefully climb down a small slope as her calf clumsily follows after her.

In the video uploaded by Twitter user @buitengebiden, the mother elephant can be seen slowly walking down the slope, dragging her two rear feet behind her after stabilizing her front two legs on the ground as she carefully navigates the decline without falling.