Mark Zuckerberg says Elon Musk ‘isn’t serious’ about fight, tells people to ‘move on’

Mark Zuckerberg says Elon Musk ‘isn’t serious’ about fight, tells people to ‘move on’
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The Meta CEO’s comments came after the X owner revealed that Italian officials have agreed on an “epic location” for their fight

August 14, 2023
Despite Elon Musk’s announcements about the location of his highly anticipated cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg, the latter recently declared on social media that the match will not happen.
Musk’s announcements: Musk, 52, revealed in X posts on Friday that the supposed event will take place in Italy. While a specific venue has yet to be confirmed, he said the Italian Prime Minister and Minister of Culture have agreed on an “epic location.”
Musk also said that “everything in the camera frame will be ancient Rome, so nothing modern at all.”
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In June, the Tesla chief executive suggested that the fight could be held at the historic Colosseum, the largest ancient amphitheater ever built.
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Beneficiaries: The match will allegedly be managed by Musk and Zuckerberg’s foundations, according to the former. Musk also promised that “everything done will pay respect to the past and present of Italy,” with proceeds going to veterans and pediatric hospitals in the country.
Zuckerberg’s response: Zuckerberg, 39, has yet to confirm any of Musk’s announcements. Over at Threads, he referred to his rival’s lack of confirmation for a fight date as a reason why “Elon isn’t serious and it’s time to move on.”
Zuckerberg also pointed to Musk’s earlier announcement of a surgery, whose recovery period will take “a few months.” Additionally, Musk allegedly proposed to have a practice fight in the Meta chief’s backyard in Palo Alto, California, as per an iMessage screenshot shared by author Walter Isaacson.


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