Japan’s Nara deer take shelter from rain in adorable viral video

Japan’s Nara deer take shelter from rain in adorable viral video
Tansu Yegen
Carl Samson
July 27, 2023
A herd of deer unfazed by humans while taking shelter from heavy rains in Nara, Japan, is the subject of a viral video.
Background: Nara, a city in its namesake prefecture in central Japan, is home to a thriving population of wild deer, herds of which roam its famous public park. Sadly, the area made headlines in 2019 after plastic bags were reported to have killed multiple deer. However, efforts have since been strengthened to better protect the wildlife.
What’s in the video: The video shows a herd of deer taking shelter from the rain in a covered area on the side of the road. While keeping themselves dry, the deer are unfazed by several people in the same area, with one girl even sitting next to them and appearing to take a photo or video.
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Reactions: The video, which was reposted by entrepreneur and author Tansu Yegen, has so far amassed 32 million views on Twitter.
“That’s so cool to see the wildlife and residents living in harmony,” one user commented.
Another replied, “Peaceful, serene coexistence.”
“I thought they were decorations or sculptures or something,” one wrote.
Another pointed out, “Even the deer know how to gather nicely in Japan…”
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