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Commuters, Subway Operator Save Asian Man Thrown Onto Train Tracks in Queens


Commuters and a quick-thinking subway operator saved an Asian man from certain death after he was thrown onto train tracks in Queens in New York on Monday morning.

The incident: Local authorities are looking for the suspect who pushed the 36-year-old victim onto the southbound tracks at the 21st-Queensbridge Station at around 7:45 a.m. just as an F train was arriving, reported NBC Bay Area

Sex Offender Who Pushed Asian Grandmother on Train Tracks Arrested in NYC

train tracks

An elderly woman who was attacked and pushed onto the train tracks by a homeless sex offender on Oct. 19 reportedly had to scramble her way out before an oncoming train passed through. 

Dodging a train: Brooklyn prosecutors shared on Tuesday how 73-year-old Bi He managed to narrowly escape death as a train bound for Manhattan failed to stop in time when it arrived at the Clinton/Washington Ave. station in Clinton Hill, reports the NY Daily News.

Train Passenger in Belgium Caught Wiping Saliva on Metal Bar

coronavirus belgium

Belgian authorities have arrested a subway passenger who was caught deliberately wiping his saliva on a metal bar amid growing concerns of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The passenger, whose name was not revealed, was filmed by a fellow passenger sitting on one of the benches. Seconds after the doors closed, the man suddenly removed his face mask and put two fingers inside his mouth and quickly ran his hand on a metal bar in front of him.

Man Thrown Off Train in China After Refusing to Leave Seat or Show Ticket

china train

A clip has gone viral on Chinese social media showing train station officers dragging off a foreigner who allegedly stole two seats and refused to move.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident happened on a train that was making a 2,401 kilometers trip from Shanghai to Xining, the capital of Qinghai province on Sunday. The foreigner, reportedly a Ghanian citizen, occupied two of the seats on the train.

Train Groper Caught on Video Getting Tripped While Running from Victims

A train groper was successfully apprehended in Japan after a bystander decided to to get involved by tripping the fleeing suspect as his victims chased him on a train platform in Akabane Station, Tokyo.

The intense moment was captured online by Japanese Twitter user @influencer_com_. The video shows two school girls chasing after a man in a suit as he tries to flee from his victims while everyone else watches the whole incident.