Video of man verbally abusing couple on New York City subway for wearing masks goes viral

Video of man verbally abusing couple on New York City subway for wearing masks goes viral
Michelle De Pacina
October 11, 2022
A video that appears to show a man verbally abusing a couple for wearing masks on a New York City subway has gone viral.
In the video, a man wearing a gray hoodie and another man wearing a black hoodie with a leather jacket and a mask can be seen facing each other and standing inches away from one another in a train. 
“Take off your f*cking mask,” the man in the gray hoodie says. 
The masked man, who appears to be of Asian descent, refuses. He and his wife, who is wearing a red sweater, tell the man to mind his own business. 
“It’s not a free country if you’re wearing a f*cking mask for f*cking nothing,” the man in the gray hoodie continues. “You are scared by the lies of the government. It’s not your freedom. It’s based on lies. There is no reason for you to wear a mask.”
The Asian man accuses the man of being mentally ill before taking a seat next to his wife. 
“Go tell your mom that,” the Asian man says. “Go tell your family. Not a f*cking random person on the f*cking train.”
As the altercation continues, the anti-masker yells at the woman before the Asian man stands up and grabs the other man’s hoodie.
“Tell me what sense it makes!” the anti-masker yelled at the woman. “COVID doesn’t exist!” 
The Asian man demands the anti-masker stop yelling at his wife and threatens to hurt him. Both men continue to yell at one another as the Asian man threatens to kill the other man.   
“You’re wearing a f*cking mask for nothing!” the anti-masker says.
“I’ll f*cking kill you!” the Asian man threatens. “Don’t talk to a random person on the street like that. Go tell your parents. You need a mental care. Think logically. Wake up.”
When the train reaches its next stop at the Flushing-Main Street station, the man in the gray hoodie steps out. 
“You are all brainwashed,” he says before leaving. 
The video, which was uploaded to TikTok on what appears to be a repost channel on Monday, has garnered nearly 10,000 views. 
It is not known when the incident took place. It is also unclear whether the police got involved in the altercation. 
This is a developing story. NextShark has reached out to the social media account for more information on the incident. 
Featured Image via @middlefingeruniversity
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