‘Pikachu-chu’: Pikachu-themed train in Japan goes viral

‘Pikachu-chu’: Pikachu-themed train in Japan goes viral
Iris Jung
May 24, 2023
A bright yellow Pikachu-themed train has gone viral on Instagram.
On May 15, travel vlogger Billy Biehl (@billybiehl) uploaded a short video about his experience on the unique train, which connects the cities of Ichinoseki and Kesennum in Japan.
The viral clip begins with Biehl looking for the right train track. He shows a platform filled with images of Pikachu on posters, floor stickers, columns and walls.
“On the way to finding your train track, everything is decorated with Pikachus,” Biehl can be heard saying.
The bright yellow train, named the Pika 025, can then be seen arriving. Biehl steps inside to show its Pikachu-themed interior, making sure to film even the smallest details, such as the miniature Pokémon balls accessorizing the seats.
The content creator also makes sure to highlight a special cabin which is filled with everything Pikachu.
“When the train starts to move, you can take your shoes off and head to the Pikachu cabin,” he explains.
The interior of the cabin is yellow with brown and beige accents. There are sofa-like seats located near the windows and Pikachu footprints on the carpeted floor. Biehl also notes Pikachu dolls of all sizes, including a massive Pikachu at the center of the cabin.
“Riding the Pikachu train was a unique experience and is a must-do when in Northern Japan,” Biehl concludes.
Reaching over 1.7 million views and 86,000 likes as of this writing, Biehl’s video has garnered the attention of several Instagram users and Pokémon fans.
“I hope to take this train one day! Thank you for sharing!!” one user wrote.
“The Pikachu-chu,” another user commented.
Others, however, found the train a little overwhelming, with one user writing, “I like pikachu, but that is too much.”

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