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Asian food and culture event in Maryland marred by overcrowding, traffic

night market nightmare
  • Visitors at the Asia Collective Night Market in Howard County, Maryland have described the event as a “nightmare” following overcrowding and traffic.
  • The event, which was held on Saturday, promised patrons live music, cultural activities and various Asian cuisines from local businesses.
  • Visitors stated that they sat in traffic for hours, were unable to get into the event, waited in long lines and suffered from heat exhaustion.
  • Many were unable to attend due to lack of parking spaces and traffic.

The Asia Collective Night Market held on Saturday at Howard County Fairgrounds in Maryland received a thumbs down from visitors for extreme overcrowding and traffic congestion.

The event promised visitors a night of live entertainment, cultural activities and Asian food from local businesses. Many, however, described the experience as horrific, while some were unable to attend the event altogether despite paying for tickets. 

China’s Epic Traffic Jams After Spring Festival Holiday are a Mind-Blowing Nightmare

The week-long Spring Festival holiday in China, which began on Lunar New Year, has ended with a rather hellish traffic jam in Hainan Province’s capital, Haikou.

Surprisingly enough, the city experienced a pretty terrible foggy weather, which heavily contributed to the massive traffic jam. The last time the city encountered similar heavy fog was back in 1951, Hainan provincial meteorological department said, China Daily reported.

Chinese City Takes Desperate Measures to Stop Jaywalkers

Different local governments in Chinese cities have long been experimenting with various tactics to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking. From shaming offenders to imposing ridiculous punishments, traffic authorities have tried and failed, to keep the dangerous habit controlled.

Similar to Shenzhen city’s shaming tactic of placing offenders’ images on a huge screen, the city of Wuhan will also broadcast jaywalkers’ faces, but will incorporate an additional obstacle to discourage illegal street crossing, Shanghaiist reports.

Chinese City Shames Jaywalkers by Displaying Their Face On a Huge Screen

A Chinese city just launched new traffic technology designed to shame jaywalkers by posting their faces on a giant screen on the side of the road for all to see.

Shenzhen City’s traffic authority installed a facial-recognition system at a crossroad to easily identify offenders and eventually discourage others. Cameras were set-up to monitor the area 24/7.

New Traffic Study Confirms a Popular Stereotype About Japanese People

After a recent study looked into the behaviors of Japanese and French pedestrians in obeying traffic laws, certain perceptions about the two nationalities are now backed by science.

A paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science on Wednesday suggested that the common stereotypes that Japanese commuters are law-abiding citizens and the French, being quite the opposite, may actually hold water.

China’s Futuristic ‘Elevated Bus’ is Planning to Hit The Streets Very Soon

The 3D Express Coach or the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), China’s futuristic proposal to end its horrible traffic problem, is about to be put to the test in a couple of months.

Government-run news platforms have announced that the scheduled test run will cover a mere 300-meter distance and is not expected to “exactly simulate real world traffic conditions,” according to Shanghaiist.