Chinese City Shames Jaywalkers by Displaying Their Face On a Huge Screen

Chinese City Shames Jaywalkers by Displaying Their Face On a Huge Screen

April 19, 2017
A Chinese city just launched new traffic technology designed to shame jaywalkers by posting their faces on a giant screen on the side of the road for all to see.
Shenzhen City’s traffic authority installed a facial-recognition system at a crossroad to easily identify offenders and eventually discourage others. Cameras were set-up to monitor the area 24/7.
According to the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail), the system will broadcast a jaywalker’s image on a loop on a public screen and then store it in the police database.
The tech, called “Robocop at crossroads,” was installed for a test run at the crossroad near Peking University Shenzhen Hospital on Saturday, April 15.
The traffic police bureau explained that the system works with the camera that detects whenever a person enters the crosswalk during a red light.
According to Shenzhen Traffic Police Technology Department Chief officer Li Qiang, the camera takes a photo of the jaywalker’s face and then automatically sends it to the screen and the police database where the person will be identified.
He added that the system is also designed to keep track and update the offender’s record and indicate the number of times he or she has broken the traffic rules.
Last year, 123,200 cases of jaywalkers were recorded in the city, according to Shenzhen traffic police department. Authorities are confident their new system will keep the numbers down this year.
While “Robocop at crossroads” may be applying public shaming as a tool to discourage offenders, Li argues that it mainly functions as a warning device and a way to gather evidence and promote safety on the road.
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