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UPDATE: Korean Man Lends $247 to Dubai Tourist, Gets $762,000 Back is a HOAX

Editor’s Note: The following story, which has gone viral several times since first being posted in 2017, has since been debunked as a hoax by Korean sources. In the orchestrated stunt, the man, username _taeho_, paid himself but made it look like it came from someone from Dubai. A normal transaction of this amount would normally incur a large amount of tax for the receiver. We sincerely apologize for error, but more importantly, it doesn’t mean that kind deeds like this aren’t always fake. Good and generous people do exist. 

A Korean man received a large sum of money as payment for his generosity after he lent money to a tourist from Dubai.

Tourist Threatens Bali Beachgoers With Knife So His Wife Wouldn’t See Shirtless Men

A tourist got him and his family kicked out of their luxury villa in Bali, Indonesia after arguing with locals and allegedly threatening them with a knife. 

The foreigner, who rented a luxury villa in Temukus Village in the Buleleng Regency on Bali island, got into a confrontation with Balinese locals who were enjoying the beach outside their rental. He reportedly ordered the beachgoers to leave the area so his wife wouldn’t see “partially-dressed” men.

Bali will Now Stop and Send ‘Begpackers’ Back to Their Embassies


“Begpackers,” people who travel to a foreign country and beg for money from the locals to fund their vacation, has become such a problem in Indonesia that Bali immigration has created a plan to bring all foreigners caught doing this act to their respective embassies.

Setyo Budiwardoyo, an official from Ngurah Rai’s Immigration Office, expressed the problem of growing numbers of foreigners causing problems in the country while speaking to Indonesian news site Detik News via Coconuts Bali.

Chinese Student Gets 1 Year in Prison for Taking Pictures of U.S. Naval Base

Zhao Qianli, the Chinese student who was arrested late last year for taking pictures of a U.S. naval base, pleaded guilty on Tuesday and landed himself a one-year jail sentence.

The 20-year-old student from North University of China appeared in court via a remote video hookup from a federal courthouse in Key West, Florida along with his defense attorney on Tuesday. According to Miami Herald, he pleaded guilty to one count of photographing defense installations at the Key West military facility. The other five counts in his indictment were dismissed as part of his plea deal.

‘Monkey King’ and ‘Pigsy’ Arrested After Fighting Tourist in China

Monkey King

Two legendary characters Monkey King and Pigsy, from the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West” were recently arrested after getting involved in a street brawl with tourists in the city of Dali, China.

Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King, and his sidekick Zhu Bajie, or “Pigsy,” were both captured on video taking on a human in a street frequented by costumed performers and tourists.