UPDATE: Korean Man Lends $247 to Dubai Tourist, Gets $762,000 Back is a HOAX

UPDATE: Korean Man Lends $247 to Dubai Tourist, Gets $762,000 Back is a HOAXUPDATE: Korean Man Lends $247 to Dubai Tourist, Gets $762,000 Back is a HOAX
Editor’s Note: The following story, which has gone viral several times since first being posted in 2017, has since been debunked as a hoax by Korean sources. In the orchestrated stunt, the man, username _taeho_, paid himself but made it look like it came from someone from Dubai. A normal transaction of this amount would normally incur a large amount of tax for the receiver. We sincerely apologize for error, but more importantly, it doesn’t mean that kind deeds like this aren’t always fake. Good and generous people do exist. 
A Korean man received a large sum of money as payment for his generosity after he lent money to a tourist from Dubai.
The unidentified man shared a screenshot of his bank account transaction on the gaming forum Inven, according to Mothership. He also took to social media to talk about his encounter.
The incident took place in August 2017 in South Korea when a man from Dubai approached him and asked to borrow some money after losing both his wallet and phone, ET Today reported.
via ET Today
Without thinking much about the situation, the Korean man lent the Dubai tourist 300,000 Korean won ($257). After receiving the money, the tourist asked for his contact details.
About a week later, the unnamed Korean man received a message from the Dubai tourist asking for his bank account details. To his surprise, the Dubai man sent 889,546,900 Korean won ($762,352) to his account as payment for his generosity.
Many social media users left comments expressing envy and others warned that not everyone can be so lucky and that it is important to be cautious of possible scams, EBC News noted.
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