Tourist Threatens Bali Beachgoers With Knife So His Wife Wouldn’t See Shirtless Men

Tourist Threatens Bali Beachgoers With Knife So His Wife Wouldn’t See Shirtless MenTourist Threatens Bali Beachgoers With Knife So His Wife Wouldn’t See Shirtless Men
A tourist got him and his family kicked out of their luxury villa in Bali, Indonesia after arguing with locals and allegedly threatening them with a knife. 
The foreigner, who rented a luxury villa in Temukus Village in the Buleleng Regency on Bali island, got into a confrontation with Balinese locals who were enjoying the beach outside their rental. He reportedly ordered the beachgoers to leave the area so his wife wouldn’t see “partially-dressed” men.
The locals insisted that it was a public beach and they had a right to stay.
“Shut the f*** up! I told you so, this is a public beach. All the people can come,” one of the locals, identified as Gede Arya Adnyana, shouted at the tourist.
The tourist kept arguing that the residents should leave because they rented a private villa. This further infuriated Adnyana who was captured on film shouting at the tourists, “I don’t give a s**t, I told you before.”
In an interview with Kumparan News, Adnyana shared that he was spending time with his three-year-old toddler on the beach Sunday night when a young boy speaking Arabic approached them and asked why they were there.
In response, Adnyana told the boy that the other side of the beach was too mossy.
“After a few minutes, his father came and started talking rudely, trying to send me away in English. Basically, he said that if I wanted to use this beach I have to ask for permission because he’s rented the whole place, from the villa to the beach,” Adnyana was quoted as saying. 
“I asked what the reason is? He replied, ‘I and my children are Muslim and do not allow her (wife) to see other boys, especially you only wear boxers.”
As they argued about who has the right to use the public beach, the resident eventually called his brother, who is a village official, to get the matter resolved. However, the confrontation escalated and the tourist brandished a knife at the locals.
The local authorities, who arrived later, failed to resolve the matter. Eventually the villa caretaker just told the tourists to leave the premises. After being told to leave, the tourist became apologetic and pleaded to be allowed to stay there but the local residents refused.  
“He and eight of his family members left from there, we escorted them to the border of Temukus Village. [We told them] to visit other places outside of Bali,” Adnyana said.
Noting that such incidents were common in the area, Adnyana suggested that the village officials should issue a regulation that would recognize that the beach is for public use.
Featured image via YouTube / kumparan
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