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Bachelor Vietnam’s First Season Ends With More Shocking Twists

bachelor vietnam

Vietnam’s version of “The Bachelor,” which made global headlines after two of its female contestants fell in love and left the show, has just wrapped up its maiden season with even more shocking twists.

Following the departure of lovebirds Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, the Bachelor Vietnam kept its audiences intrigued with some surprising choices and revelations made by other contestants in the season finale.

Bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung’s pick in the Final Rose shocked many after he chose the soft-spoken Thuy Duong instead of the fan-favorite Kieu Trang.

‘Bachelor Vietnam’ Female Contestant Who Fell in Love Reveals How it All Started

Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, the two female contestants who shocked the world when they left “The Bachelor Vietnam” together, are now saying they are happy with their decision and would not change a thing despite the challenges.

Since NextShark broke the story of their dramatic exit almost a month ago, the pair has become a viral sensation worldwide. 

‘The Bachelor Vietnam’ Shocks Viewers After Female Contestant Professes Love For Another Contestant

Vietnam’s version of “The Bachelor” recently captured a special moment which has never been seen in other iterations of the popular relationship reality show.

In one emotional episode, one female contestant proclaimed her love, not toward the “Bachelor,” but to another female contestant during the “rose ceremony.”