‘The Bachelor Vietnam’ BTS Footage Reveals More Drama From Last Week’s Shocking Episode

‘The Bachelor Vietnam’ BTS Footage Reveals More Drama From Last Week’s Shocking Episode‘The Bachelor Vietnam’ BTS Footage Reveals More Drama From Last Week’s Shocking Episode
More details have emerged surrounding the bittersweet story of the two female contestants on “The Bachelor Vietnam” who left the rose ceremony together.
In the episode aired last week, contestant Minh Thu shocked viewers after she declared her love for another contestant named Truc Nhu.
During the emotional moment, Truc Nhu gave her rose back to Quoc Trung Nguyen, the bachelor, and bade her farewell to go with Minh Thu.
However, she later decided to give Quoc Trung another chance and remain on the show longer as shown in the extended scene featured in a web-only clip.
Audiences around the world were captivated with Minh Thu, who summed up her courage to voice out her true feelings, and Truc Nhu, who was left torn in making the right decision.
It was the first time in the over 100 seasons of “The Bachelor’s” storied franchise history that such an empowering yet heartbreaking scene was captured on-screen.
When the show aired its seventh episode a week later on Wednesday, we now find Truc Nhu getting eliminated from the show after she did not receive a rose from the bachelor.
In the show’s live stream web show called “Uplive’s After the Rose,” bachelor Quoc Trung sat down with the show’s Executive Producer Anh Tran, and social media influencer Brittanya Karma (a contestant who was also eliminated on Wednesday) to discuss what else transpired during last week’s emotional scene.
“I truly believe the show has delivered on its promise, which is helping two people find true love,” Anh Tran said. “In one case, two young women who joined a show to look for love found it in an unconventional way to the show format. In the end, love is love or ‘yeu la yeu’ as we say in Vietnamese. Luckily, Trung found love as well. ”
“Thu may be 20, but she’s one of the bravest women I’ve ever met. I’m proud to say I’ve never filmed a more genuine moment in my life.” the show’s director, Danny Do, was quoted as saying.
A behind-the-scenes clip showed what was happening as Thu made her shocking revelation.
“Just look at the behind the scenes clip. Our expression at the monitor can’t be faked nor can the conversation between Thu and Trang afterward. If that’s acting, I would let her star in every single one of my movies in the future.”
Anh-Thu Nguyen, one of the producers of the show, explained the impact of Thu’s and Nhu’s moment not only to the Vietnamese audience but to the rest of the world who were touched by it.
“As both a queer Vietnamese-American woman and as someone involved in the show who witnessed this first hand, this was a moving and powerful moment showcasing that love is love,” Nguyen told NextShark.
“Especially in the context of Vietnamese culture, where family and saving face can often be prioritized over all else, including love, the fact these women made this declaration during the rose ceremony in front of everyone is even more awe-inspiring. It’s been a proud experience to see our clip resonate around the world and become an unexpected platform for discussing LGBTQI+ issues in Vietnam on a global scale.”
Nhu also released a video to defend Thu, explaining that everything that happened was 100% real and unscripted.
According to Nhu, she and Thu will be appearing together on an upcoming live show as well as the final episode on Nov. 16.
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