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Final Fantasy VII, Naruto Games and Anime Recovered From Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

Newly released files recovered from the 2011 raid of Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan reveal that his fighters may have been spending their free time playing Japanese RPG video games and watching anime.

Pirated copies of video games, Arabic-subtitled anime, erotic media and others were among the 470,000 files released by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Monday.

Shocking Images Flood Social Media as Terrorists Continue to Battle in the Philippines

It has now been four days since armed insurgents, reportedly linked to the so-called Islamic State, stormed Marawi, a city in the southern part of the Philippines.

The crisis has brought such chaos that it has prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to immediately invoke martial law not just in the city but on the entire island of Mindanao, reports RTSince then, social media platforms have been flooded with terrifying images revealing the situation in the besieged city. 

ISIS Reveals Plans to Attack China in Chilling Video Threat

China is now in the crosshairs of ISIS with the terrorist group releasing a half-hour video vowing to “shed blood like rivers” in attacks against the country.

The young fighters shown in the video are believed to be Uyghur militants from China’s Xinjiang province attentively listening to preachers. The group announced that they are planning to return home to their country to carry out their mission. According to U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, the video originated from western Iraq.

Man Angry at Trump For Using His Father’s Death to Justify Anti-Immigration Policy

Alpha Cheng is the son of accountant Curtis Cheng who was killed in a shooting outside a police headquarters in Parramatta, Australia back in 2015. He is now one of many who are taking issue with Trump’s list of  “under-reported” terror attacks.

The attack in Australia was reportedly perpetrated by a 15-year-old teenager who was killed by responding officers.

Southeast Asia is Unprepared to Handle Looming Islamic State Attacks, Report Reveals

Southeast Asia is in danger of an increased risk of extremist violence, a think-tank report has revealed.

The report from the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) found the main source of danger in the Philippines, particularly its southern region, the Malay Mail Online reported. It may be remembered that an ISIS-affiliate claimed responsibility for the bombing in Davao earlier last month, which caused at least 14 deaths and 70 injuries.

Meet Tooba Gondal: The 22-Year-Old UK Woman Who Recruits Young Girls To Be ISIS Sex Slaves

The identity of a mysterious “Islamic State matchmaker” known only by her online pseudonym Umm Muthanna Al Britaniyah has finally been revealed.

According to DailyMail, the aggressive social media persona who glorifies terrorist acts on the internet to attract young British Muslim women and turn them into ‘Jihadi brides’ in Syria, was actually an A-grade student and a daughter of a rich U.K. businessman.