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Chinese student goes viral after he stands up during opera performance to sing male lead

opera singer

An opera fan was praised on Chinese social media as a “hero” for his impromptu performance during a concert featuring Cuban American operatic soprano Lisette Oropesa. 

The opera’s hero: During Lisette Oropesa’s encore performance in Teatro Regio di Parma in Italy, opera fan Liu Jianwei stood up from his seat and sang the male lead portion of a song, reported South China Morning Post.

Chinese Professor Rants About Daughter’s ‘Lower IQ’ Than His and His Wife’s

A professor at China’s Peking University (PKU) has sparked discussions on tiger-parenting after complaining about his daughter’s poor grades in a now-viral video.

Worst in class: Ding Yanqing, an associate professor at the university’s Graduate School of Education, said that his daughter is at the bottom of her class at Peking University Primary School.

Fraternity Hazing Led to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Freshman’s Suicide, Lawsuit Alleges

Fraternity hazing

Weeks of fraternity hazing caused a student from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to commit suicide in 2019, a recent lawsuit has alleged.

Hazing abuse: In the lawsuit filed by Kam Rokon in Lancaster County District Court, he claimed that before his 18-year-old brother Rahat Jalil took his own life in January 2019, he was forced to stand outside naked all night and told to urinate on other pledges, the Lincoln Journal-Star reports.

Chinese University Textbook Calls Homosexuality ‘Unnatural and a Psychological Disorder’

chinese university

A Chinese university is facing intense backlash online for its homophobic health textbook teaching students homosexuality is “unnatural and a psychological disorder.”

The issue was brought to the public’s attention by Weibo user Wǒ shì luòshēng, an advocate for women’s rights and LGBTQ+ equality in a post last Monday, according to Supchina.

China May Ban Grad Students Caught Cheating From Getting Mortgages, Fast Internet


Chinese citizens who cheat in graduate schools — such as those who plagiarize other people’s works — might soon be unable to secure mortgages, use public transport and/or access the internet at faster speeds.

Academic dishonesty, which could lead to a slew of other penalties, will be introduced to the country’s social credit system, a policy that rewards good social behaviors and punishes those deemed otherwise.

Falling Meatball Causes College Student to Fail Economics Exam at Home


A college student who suffered a very low score during an exam has a perfectly reasonable excuse why she failed: a meatball from her sandwich fell on her keyboard and abruptly exited her test midway.

The mid-exam snafu caused a 20-year-old University of Georgia student, Samantha Lee, to get a 39% score on her economics exam and a dilemma on how she would explain the situation to her professor.

U.S. Planning to Expel Chinese Grad Students With Military Ties


In an apparent move to intercept suspected scientific and technological espionage, American officials are reportedly planning to expel Chinese graduate students with links to the Chinese military.

Estimates show that at least 3,000 students will see their visas canceled — a fraction of the 360,000 Chinese nationals studying in the U.S. — effectively halting projects that they could be working on, according to The New York Times.