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‘Minari’ Star Steven Yeun Fears Being Put in a ‘Box’ as an ‘Asian American Actor’

Steven Yeun

“Minari” star Steven Yeun has expressed concerns over being labeled an Asian American actor rather than just simply an actor.

Though the Oscar nominee is honored to have broken down barriers in Hollywood, he told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that he worries about being labeled primarily as an “Asian American actor,” as opposed to just an “actor.” 

Steven Yeun Becomes the First Asian American, Riz Ahmed the First Muslim Nominated for Best Actor

For the first time in history, the list of this year’s Oscar Nominees for Best Actor includes two men of Asian descent, Steven Yeun and Riz Ahmed, marking two historic firsts for the actors and the film industry.

Steven Yeun became the first Asian American actor to be nominated for his performance as Jacob Yi in “Minari.” Yeun stated before that he was brought to tears by the script, saying, “Seeing the words of how a life similar to mine could be put on a page was very liberating.”


Golden Globes Slammed as ‘Racist’ for Placing ‘Minari’ as Foreign Language Film Over Best Picture


“Minari,” an A24 drama directed by Lee Isaac Chung, has been categorized as a foreign language film for the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards in February, and social media is accusing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of racism.

The HFPA has kept “Minari,” which won awards following screenings at the Sundance and Middleburg film festivals, from being nominated for the Best Picture categories, a similar decision faced by Lulu Wang’s “The Farewell” last year.

Steven Yeun Opens Up About Asian Masculinity in Hollywood

Former “The Walking Dead” cast member and lead of the upcoming Korean thriller movie “Burning,” Steven Yeun, recently talked about the issue of Asian masculinity in Hollywood and shared his thoughts about where it currently stands – and things got pretty real.

While speaking to GQ, the 34-year-old actor went on to talk about how Asians should “trust the process” no matter how imperfect the delivery system would seem. Yeun likened the recent success of “Crazy Rich Asians” to the breakout performances of NBA player Jeremy Lin in 2012, highlighting, in particular, his last-second game-winning three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors.

Steven Yeun’s Dad Thought He Did Porn After Googling His Name

Actor Steven Yeun recently appeared on Conan on TBS and revealed that his father thought that he was working in porn after accidentally finding his son through the last pages of Google search results.

The 34-year-old former star of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” recounted the story of his parents not being the best when it comes to navigating through the internet. His dad once tried to search his son’s name on Google and immediately clicked on page 30.

Asians Going Crazy Over Steven Yeun’s Latest Magazine Cover Reveals a Sad Reality

Last week, actor Steven Yeun was featured on the latest cover on Entertainment Weekly. Naturally, many people in the Asian community expressed their satisfaction upon hearing the news.

While this is a huge step for Asians in mainstream media, the outpouring of positive vibes also reveals a sobering reality. Blogger The Love Life of an Asian Guy put it the best in a Facebook post: