‘Beef’ creator reveals he has several seasons of the show mapped out

‘Beef’ creator reveals he has several seasons of the show mapped out‘Beef’ creator reveals he has several seasons of the show mapped out
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Ryan General
August 17, 2023
“Beef” creator and showrunner Lee Sung-jin recently shared hints about a potential second season and beyond for his hit series.
Solid first season: Beef,” which debuted on Netflix on April 6, has been applauded for its unique portrayal of anger and conflict. Comprised of 10 gripping episodes, the series follows an intense feud ignited by a road rage incident involving Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong). Critics and audience members have praised the show for its strong narrative and interesting characters.
The beef continues: Lee disclosed in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that while “Beef” was originally planned to be an anthology, he is not opposed to the possible return of Season 1’s beloved characters in future seasons.
“We initially pitched the show as an anthology series where every season is a new beef with new characters,” the Emmy-nominated filmmaker shared. “At the same time, I really love Danny and Amy and the world we created. So, I’m really open to it all.” 
Undiminished passion: Lee also revealed that his commitment to the show took a personal toll, leading to a period of adjustment after its release. However, his passion for the project remains undiminished.
“I really want to keep working with this crew that I’ve really fallen in love with,” he shared.
Already mapped out: In an earlier conversation with Rolling Stone, Lee divulged that he already knows how he could potentially keep Danny and Amy’s story going. 
“I have one really big general idea that I can’t really say yet, but I have three seasons mapped out in my head currently,” he was quoted as saying.

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