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Music label turns to English professors to defend sexual lyrics in New Jeans’ ‘Cookie’

  • HYBE subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) released a lengthy statement on Saturday denying allegations of sexualized lyrics in girl group NewJeans’ new song “Cookie.” 
  • The lyrics include lines such as “Looking at my cookie, do you ever smell it different? Taste it, what’s with a bite, isn’t enough?” and “Made a little cookie, baked it just for you but you know that it ain't for free, made a little cookie, it’s too soft, can't stop thinking about it.”
  • ADOR claimed listeners are projecting their own cultural contexts and interpreting harmless lyrics.
  • Their vision for “Cookie” purportedly “revolves around the paired idea of burning CDs and baking cookies, which share the same conceptual verb in Korean.”
  • While the members of NewJeans are between the international ages of 14 and 18 and are minors under Korean law, ADOR has pointed out that other girl and boy groups have debuted with members of similar ages. 

HYBE subsidiary label ADOR issued a lengthy statement on Saturday refuting accusations of inappropriate lyrics in girl group NewJeans’ “Cookie.”

The new song is featured on NewJeans’ debut EP which was released on Aug. 1.

South Korea Outraged After K-Pop Star, Police Officer He Allegedly Bribed are Let Free for Now

South Koreans are expressing their frustrations over a judge’s dismissal of the arrest warrant for former Big Bang member Seungri by launching a petition on the government website.

In the petition, netizens noted how the judge outraged the public for dismissing arrest warrants for a CEO, Chinese drug distributor, sexual harasser, and more, the Straits Times reports. 

Mother of Expelled Stanford Student Says Her Daughter is a Victim of the College Admissions Scandal

The mother of recently expelled Stanford University student Yusi ‘Molly’ Zhao has denied any wrongdoing in the family’s $6.5 million payment to the college admissions scandal ringleader, William Rick Singer.

Mrs. Zhao, the wife of Chinese pharmaceutical billionaire Tao Zhao, has claimed that the family only paid the large sum of money as they were misled into believing that it was intended for student scholarships, the LA Times reports.

Chinese Families are Accused of Giving the MOST Money in College Admissions Scandal

Two families in China have been accused of shelling out millions of dollars in order to get their children into top U.S. schools.

According to reports, both families were the highest-paying clients of William “Rick” Singer, the alleged mastermind behind the college admissions scandal that involves dozens of wealthy parents, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Single Asian Mom Files $500 BILLION Lawsuit Against Rich Parents in College Bribe Scandal

A single mother in San Francisco filed a $500 billion class-action lawsuit against rich parents involved in the nationwide college admissions scandal that allegedly robbed more deserving Asian or Asian American applicants.

Jennifer Kay Toy, a former teacher in the Oakland Unified School District, accused 45 people of using bribery to get their children into the nation’s top schools — including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Another Korean Singer Admits to Filming Sex With Women Without Consent in Seungri Scandal

Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young, a singer linked in a giant legal controversy involving BIGBANG’s Seungri, has quit the entertainment industry after admitting his guilt on Wednesday.

In his letter of apology released by his management, MAKEUS Entertainment, the 30-year-old admitted that he had filmed himself having sex with women without their consent, subsequently sharing the videos in a chatroom.

Asian American Frat at Cal Poly Banned for 2 Years Over Dangerous Hazing Rituals

A campus chapter of the largest Asian American fraternity in the U.S. was suspended for two years following an investigation that verified its dangerous initiation practices.

Authorities at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) found that Lambda Phi Epsilon forced recruits to perform knuckle push-ups, submerge in the ocean late at night and consume large amounts of alcohol.

TV Host Who Sparked Fan Bingbing Tax Scandal Goes Missing After Accusing Shanghai Police of Fraud

Cui Yongyuan, the Chinese television presenter who uncovered Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion practice, has gone missing after accusing the Shanghai police and a few unnamed celebrities of being involved in a “huge fraud.”

In his claim, which he posted on Chinese social media on Sunday, Cui accused officers from the Shanghai Economic Crime Investigation Department (ECID) for accepting huge amounts of Chinese yuan in cash, according to South China Morning Post.

Japanese Ex-leader of Peru Receives Presidential Pardon, Enrages Entire Country

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski triggered protests after pardoning Alberto Fujimori, a former head of state serving 25 years for human rights violations.

Kuczynski pardoned 79-year-old Fujimori on December 23, as doctors determined that the latter “suffers from a progressive, degenerative and incurable illness and that prison conditions represent a grave risk to his life.”