South Korea Outraged After K-Pop Star, Police Officer He Allegedly Bribed are Let Free for Now

South Korea Outraged After K-Pop Star, Police Officer He Allegedly Bribed are Let Free for Now

May 16, 2019
South Koreans are expressing their frustrations over a judge’s dismissal of the arrest warrant for former Big Bang member Seungri by launching a petition on the government website.
In the petition, netizens noted how the judge outraged the public for dismissing arrest warrants for a CEO, Chinese drug distributor, sexual harasser, and more, the Straits Times reports. 
“We are curious whether or not this judge is corrupt,” the petition read. “We want a judge with a live heart and soul that makes reasonable decisions.”
The rejection of the arrest warrant on Tuesday shocked many who expected the singer to be jailed.
While the petition did not specifically mention the name of the judge, its description makes it apparent that it is targeting Shin Jong Yeol, the judge who dismissed the arrest warrants for Seungri and Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk, Chinese drug distributor “Anna,” and others involved in the Burning Sun scandal.
Petition supporters have been leaving comments berating the judge and Seungri himself, according to AllKPop.
“That judge needs to leave,” a netizen noted.
“This is crazy. How much did they pay the judge?” one wondered.
“Do we have to go on a national candle rally again? This is nonsense,” another shared.
“Seungri can’t be arrested because they’re all on the same boat,” wrote a commenter.
“Seungri must have more money than Park Geun Hye,” another wrote.
Meanwhile, the senior police officer who was previously accused of receiving bribes from Seungri has been found innocent.
Although Senior Superintendent Yoon has been found guilty for using his power to obstruct justice, he has reportedly been cleared of receiving bribes.
According to AllKpop, Superintendent Yoon revealed confidential police information to Yoo In Suk, who was involved in running the club with Seungri. His alleged bribery case has since been closed until further evidence surfaces.
The senior officer will pay a fine according to the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act, while the Inspection Department will be alerted to help determine which disciplinary action is applicable.
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