Edison Chen recalls infamous 2008 scandal during CLOT’s 20th anniversary event

Edison Chen recalls infamous 2008 scandal during CLOT’s 20th anniversary event

The Canadian-born Hong Kong star, now 43, says he "didn't give up" despite the controversy

November 23, 2023
Hong Kong actor Edison Chen took fans by surprise when he addressed a question about his 2008 scandal at an anniversary celebration of his clothing brand CLOT earlier this week.
What he said: Chen, 43, was leading the 20th anniversary event of CLOT Tuesday when he was asked about the scandal, which rocked the Asian entertainment industry at the time. According to reports, the Canadian-born Hong Kong star usually declines to discuss the matter.
“Maybe in 2008 everyone thought [my career] was over. But I didn’t give up, neither was I lost,” Chen said, as per 8Days. “Everyone who looked at my Instagram thought that I was on a break every day, but actually I was working all the time.”
About the scandal: Chen was forced to publicly apologize and temporarily retire in 2008 after over a thousand intimate pictures of him with several women leaked online. Some of those involved were local celebrities, including Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung.
It all started after the Cantopop star brought his laptop for repairs in 2007. One technician, Sze Ho-chun, illegally copied the pictures and passed them off to other colleagues in CDs. Sze was convicted and sentenced to 8.5 months in prison.
What’s next: At the event, Chen revealed that he has been trying to land a role in Hollywood, but he has yet to receive any offers. He said he auditioned for a project last week.
“I don’t know why I haven’t gotten a role,” he said, as per AsiaOne. “The Hollywood strike is over! I hope there will be opportunities next year.”
When asked by his U.S. agent what he could not do, he replied with “love stories,” because “I love my family very much and it’s hard for me to break away from this relationship.”
Chen currently lives in California with his wife, model and actress Qin Shupei, 34, and their daughter Alaia.
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