Another Korean Singer Admits to Filming Sex With Women Without Consent in Seungri Scandal

Another Korean Singer Admits to Filming Sex With Women Without Consent in Seungri ScandalAnother Korean Singer Admits to Filming Sex With Women Without Consent in Seungri Scandal
Carl Samson
March 13, 2019
Jung Joon Young, a singer linked in
In his letter of apology released by his management, MAKEUS Entertainment, the 30-year-old admitted that he had filmed himself having sex with women without their consent, subsequently sharing the videos in a chatroom.
His statement reads (translation via Allkpop):

I am writing to you with embarrassment and a guilty conscience.

I, Jung Joon Young, arrived back in Korea on March 12 and realized the seriousness of the situation. It’s already too late but I want to deliver an apology to the people who have given me attention and another chance.

I admit to all of my sins that have been reported. I have filmed women without consent and have distributed in social media chat rooms, and I’ve felt no guilt while doing so.

As a public figure, it was a very careless act worthy of criticism.

According to BBC, Jung is accused of filming himself with at least 10 women. Seoul Metropolitan Police will question him on Thursday.
The singer continued:

I kneel on my knees and want to apology to the women in the videos who’ve faced the disgusting truth through this case and feel anger beyond disappointment and shock.

I will leave all the programs I was on and will halt entertainment promotions. I will not take time of reflection but will let go of everything as a public figure, and look back at my unethical, unlawful acts which are considered a crime for the rest of my life.

Out of all, I want to apologize to the women who were harmed by my acts, to those who went beyond disappointment and felt anger, and to those who made me a public figure and cared for me.

I will properly participate in the investigation which is set to start on the morning of the 14th with all honesty. I will take all the punishment for my crime.

I once again deeply apologize. I am sorry.

Jung was booked along with others on March 12, according to Soompi. The chatroom, which came to light in a report from SBS funE, also included Seungri, who was accused of acting as an agent for prostitution and booked over the weekend.
The 28-year-old BIGBANG star, who denied allegations, announced his retirement in an Instagram post. His management, YG Entertainment, then terminated his exclusive contract and apologized for the “inconvenience” he had caused, according to the Korea Times.
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