Red Bull Heir Parties Hard While Interpol Desperately Tries to Arrest Him By Sunday

Red Bull Heir Parties Hard While Interpol Desperately Tries to Arrest Him By SundayRed Bull Heir Parties Hard While Interpol Desperately Tries to Arrest Him By Sunday
Interpol has officially issued an international arrest notice for Vorayuth Yoovidhya, the grandson of Chaleo Yoovidhya, founder of multi billion dollar energy drink manufacturer, Red Bull. Vorayuth is wanted for the hit-and-run incident in 2012 which resulted in the death of a traffic policeman.
According to Royal Thai Police spokesman, Colonel Krissana Pattanachareon, the international police network has already notified his department regarding the “Red Notice” that has been issued for the 32-year-old Red Bull heir, Independent reported.
We have been informed that Interpol has issued a Red Notice on the Red Bull heir, and we now have to wait to see what kind of responses we get from member countries. We have been working on this case and pursuing it using all means, and this Red Notice is what we can do when we believe that it’s possible that he is hiding in foreign countries,” he said.
Vorayuth hasn’t been officially charged yet for the hit-and-run case in 2012 that caused the death of Wichian Klanprasert. Klanprasert, formerly a police officer, was on patrol in central Bangkok, Thailand, at the time of the accident.
The country’s statute of limitations is slowly removing Vorayuth’s charges with each passing year. Another one is scheduled to be removed on Sunday — leaving the scene of an accident. The last charge, causing death by reckless driving, still has 10 years left before it officially disappears under the law.
Police reports believed Vorayuth was the one behind the wheel when the Ferrari struck the policeman. Times reported that Klanprasert was dragged by the car under its wheels.
Instead of stopping to help the injured policeman, Vorayuth quickly rushed off the scene of the crime and left the man to die.
During their investigation, authorities discovered trails of oil and brake fluid that eventually led them to the luxurious Yoovidhya family compound not too far from the scene of the incident.
Investigations have revealed that Vorayuth is still enjoying his luxurious lifestyle despite living as a fugitive. The Associative Press has reported that the 32-year-old Red Bull heir continues touring the globe in his private jet, snowboarding in Japan and even clubbing in London, England.
Recent report has also claimed that Vorayuth was responsible for the accidental leak of Red Bull’s scandalous offshore deals.
Image via YouTube / Associated Press
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