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‘Queer Eye’ star reveals racist bullying led him to try skin lightening: ‘I know now bleaching is a form of self-harm’

Queer Eye Tan France racism
  • “Queer Eye” star Tan France tackles colorism and skin bleaching in “Tan France: Beauty & the Bleach,” a new BBC documentary that will premiere on Wednesday.
  • In the documentary, France shares that he was targeted for his racial background when he was a child. He says that during one such incident, he was left for dead after a gang attack.
  • Such experiences led to his decision to bleach his skin when he was 9 years old: “It was about survival. Being able to get home without being attacked.”
  • Through his documentary, France aims to help destroy the myth that whiteness is the pinnacle of beauty: “I hope to break the cycle that pushed me and thousands like me to bleach. And still does.”

British American fashion designer and TV personality Tan France addresses colorism and being left for dead after a racially motivated gang attack in the new BBC documentary, “Tan France: Beauty & the Bleach.”

The “Queer Eye” star recalled painful memories as he attempted to visit his hometown again after living in the U.S. for 15 years. 

Japanese Supermodel From Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Unveils Her New Bra for ‘Morning Cleavage’

Kiko Mizuhara

A Japanese lingerie label has unveiled a new bra specially designed by American Japanese model/designer Kiko Mizuhara to accentuate a woman’s “morning cleavage.”

Mizuhara, whose real name is Audrie Kiko Daniel, recently starred alongside Queer Eye “Fab Five,” after acting as their tour guide in their Netflix mini-series “We’re in Japan!” 

17 Things You’ll Learn About Japanese Culture From ‘Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!’

Queer Eye

“Queer Eye” is back on Netflix and this time the Fab Five take us to the other side of the world in Tokyo, Japan, hennies!

In a special four-episode season called “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!”, hosts Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness (aka JVN), Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski travel to Tokyo to give fans a look at Japan’s culture. (Warning, spoilers ahead!)

Japanese American Model Sparks Controversy With Photoshoot, But Not For Her Outfit

Japanese American actress, singer, and model Kiko Mizuhara posted photos that stirred controversy among social media users in Japan.

Mizuhara, whose real name is Audrie Kiko Daniel, 28, is being criticized for posting a picture from her recent photoshoot for the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of Germany’s Indie Magazine, where she sits on top of a low table in her underwear with her legs spread.

‘Queer Eye’ is Going to Japan For a Special 4-Episode Season

Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Tan France of the famed “Queer Eye” quintet are going international and their first stop is Tokyo!

On Friday, Netflix dropped the first teasers for the special four-episode series called “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!” The mini-season, which was initially announced for a 2020 release, is now set to be released in November of this year.