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Japan’s ‘Thigh Photographer’ to Showcase Over 1,000 Legs in Upcoming Exhibit

Japan’s premier thigh photographer Yuya Sugiyama is set to turn this year’s autumn into the “season of thighs” with an upcoming exhibit featuring previous and latest works.

◆ 個展情報 ◆ 「ふともも写真の世界展 2018 秋」 会期:8/31(金)〜9/24(月) 会場:TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO NAGOYA#ふともも写真の世界展 #ふともも写真館

Photographer Captures Half-Japanese Faces From 192 Countries in Stunning Identity Project


A Belgian-Japanese photographer has set foot in Tokyo to capture the faces of fellow half-Japanese people for a novel project that aims to paint a picture of their hafu identity.

At first, Tetsuro Miyazaki’s “Hafu2Hafu” project only wanted to interview other hāfu — people whose either parent is Japanese — and learn about identity.

Photographer Introduces Polaroid to North Korea to Get Citizens to Reveal Their Stories

Celebrated French photographer Eric Lafforgue has taken thousands of photos from different parts of the world, but his published unfiltered images of North Korea have been among his most captivating ones.

“I first went to North Korea in 2008,” Lafforgue recalled. “At this time, there were no mobile phones in the country, and the only pics people were taking were thanks to the official photographers who stood at the entrance of the main monuments to sell some photo souvenirs to visitors.”