Chinese Netizens Have Fallen in Love With This Adventurous Photographer

Chinese Netizens Have Fallen in Love With This Adventurous Photographer

November 30, 2016
One photographer has captured the hearts of Chinese netizens with her adventurous lifestyle and dazzling photos of her doing extreme sports around the world.
To netizens, she is known as Xiao Yun Dou, or Dou Dou for short, though that’s reportedly not her real identity. She sometimes shares photos of her adventures on Weibo where she has over 750,000 followers.
Unsurprisingly, Dou began dancing at the age of six and by 16 was working as a commercial model, according to Shanghaiist.
Throughout high school she got into sports and in college developed her love of traveling, having now traveled to over 70 countries around the world.
She now photographs wildlife and her destinations when she herself is not the subject of the photos. She’s also an advocate for wildlife and environmental conservation.
Throughout her travels, she has been accidently accused of being a poacher by Namibian police, she’s had an oxygen tank explode while diving in the Red Sea of the coast of Sudan, and she’s even fought off a robber to take her bag filled with her precious photos.
While traveling around the North Pole, she waited 10 days in -50 °F weather just to capture the perfect picture of polar bears. She has also swam in the dangerous waters off South Africa to capture photos of a school of sardines.
Her work was featured on the fourth episode of the Chinese television show “Crazy Photographers” on CCTV-9.
It is unknown how she got to be the beautiful and adventurous photographer she is today, though we are sure most don’t mind — as long as she keeps her beautiful photos coming.
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