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Taiwanese researchers discover new form of cell division that does not copy DNA

  • Researchers at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s national academic institution, identified a new form of cell division that does not replicate DNA.
  • Since the 1870s, only two forms of cell division — mitosis and meiosis — have been known to science.
  • Using zebrafish larvae, the team observed how some skin cells proliferate by splitting instead of duplicating their DNA.
  • The process, known as asynthetic fission, occurs so quickly that “mistakes” have occurred, such as an uneven separation of DNA between new cells.
  • Despite such mistakes, the zebrafish naturally eliminated the erroneous cells and replaced them with normal ones weeks later.
  • Dr. Chen-Hui Chen, who led the research team, is focused on the zebrafish’s regeneration of complex tissues and how the process can be translated for humans.

Researchers at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s national academic institution, have identified a new form of cell division that does not involve the replication of DNA.

The discovery, published in the journal Nature on April 27, provides new insight on one of the most elementary processes that allow for life to thrive on Earth.

Okinawans Call on Donald Trump to Stop Building Military Bases on Their Island

Despite strong opposition from locals, Japan’s central government initiated main reclamation work Friday at a United States military base relocation site on the southern island of Okinawa.

Earlier this month, the Fukuoka High Court rejected the Okinawa Prefectural Government’s demand to stop the relocation of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to the island prefecture, Japan Times reports.

Tourists Destroy Pink Grass Field That Took Years to Cultivate for Selfies


A Chinese auntie from the province of Hangzhou was left heartbroken after helplessly watching unruly selfie-seeking tourists trample on the patch of pretty pink grass that she helped cultivate in the past three years.  

According to the woman credited simply as “Auntie Zheng,” the visitors were able to destroy her plot of imported muhly grass in just three days, Shanghaiist reports. 

Yao Ming Braves The Extreme Wilderness With Bear Grylls But Couldn’t Eat Maggots

Adventurer, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls took former NBA all-star Yao Ming into the wilderness to experience what it’s like to spend hours outdoors.

In the latest episode of D/Code on the Discovery Channel, the 37-year-old retired basketball player almost tried the special Bear Grylls diet, maggots, during their extreme outdoor adventure.

Japanese Man Saves Dying Forest in The Philippines By Eating Thousands of Mangoes in the 1970s

Almost half a century ago, a Japanese horticulturist initiated an effort to rebuild a deforested mountain in the Philippines.

It was in the early 1970s and Osamu Nakagaki was only 25 when he invited his friends and volunteers to eat as many mangoes as they could so he could gather the seeds he needed for planting in San Fernando City in La Union.