This Urban Treehouse Gives You The Best of Nature and the City

This urban treehouse is for real! Rooted in the middle of one of the world’s most remarkable cities is a brilliant Berlin masterpiece on a 7,000 square foot lot.
Conceptualized with the essence of a child’s imagination by Baumraum Architects, this treehouse fantasy is far from make-believe. Although it resembles every kid’s backyard reverie, the seclusion and solitude found amongst these leaves are enough to make even the most grounded adults marvel with wonder.
Found in Berlin’s Zehlendorf section, the house rests on a foundation of galvanized steel. Rather than using an old tree to support the brilliance of this urban house, the Baumraum Architects decided that a tree-top illusion was more ideal than a wooded liability.
From a modern kitchen to a refined living/dining room and multiple bathrooms expressed with minimalistic charm, this urban treehouse has everything a city home could ever ask for, including location.
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