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Chinese MIT professor helps discover ‘game changer’ months after espionage charges

  • MIT professor Gang Chen, who was previously accused of espionage, was recently credited with helping discover a potentially groundbreaking semiconductor material that has been dubbed the best “ever found.”
  • Chen was among a number of Chinese researchers in U.S. universities who were prosecuted over alleged ties to the Chinese government last year.
  • Eight months after Chen was cleared of espionage charges by the Department of Justice due to lack of evidence, he was among those who discovered that cubic boron arsenide is better at conducting heat and electricity than silicon.
  • The material is also reportedly better than silicon at conducting both electrons and its positively charged counterpart, the “electron-hole.”
  • The discovery is a significant one for the U.S., which has been trying to boost its technological competitiveness against China.
  • According to Chen and the team, while the material may be a very viable alternative to silicon for the next generation of electronic products, further research and testing are required to purify it and establish its long-term stability.

A Chinese professor previously accused of espionage has assisted in the discovery of what the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has dubbed the “best semiconductor material ever found.”

MIT professor Gang Chen was among the number of Chinese researchers in U.S. universities who were prosecuted over alleged ties to the Chinese government in recent years. Last year, he was arrested by federal agents but was eventually cleared by the Department of Justice of espionage charges due to a lack of evidence.

Harvard, MIT Sue U.S. for Seeking to Deport Foreign Students Enrolled Only in Online Classes

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over a new visa policy that will deport foreign students who are enrolled only in online classes for the upcoming fall semester.

Harvard, which has 5,000 international students, plans to teach entirely online for the next school year, while MIT, which has 4,000 international students, plans to teach most classes in the same format.

Filipina Typhoon Survivor Who Won International Science Competition Wins Scholarship to MIT

A Filipina survivor of Typhoon Haiyan recently won an international science competition that eventually got her a scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).   

Besting 11,000 other entries from 178 countries, 18-year-old Hillary Diane Andales won the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge for her video explanation of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, reports ABS-CBN news.

Korean-American Scientist Couple Discovers Major New Cause of Autism

A Korean-American couple may have found one of the causes of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a condition that has puzzled scientists from all over the world since it was first described in the 1940s.

Harvard Medical School faculty member and former assistant professor at UMass Medical School, Jun-ryeol Huh, and his wife, Gloria Choi, an assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences at MIT, claim to have identified not only what causes the disorder that can affect how the brain develops, but also potential techniques to preventing and reversing the disorder’s effects through their experiments and observations of mice.

Raising Taxes on the Rich Won’t Solve Income Inequality, Says 26-Year-Old MIT Economics Grad

A 26-year-old MIT grad student’s proposed theory on income inequality has challenged one of the most influential economics concepts of this century.

Last year, Matthew Rognlie, a student on his way to earning his doctoral degree at MIT, posted a comment to a section of a popular economics blog that would turn into one of the most influential critiques on the economics of inequality. That blog comment gave Rognlie a rare career opportunity to present his research in front of an audience of world-famous economists including Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow, reported the Washington Post.