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Man sentenced to be hanged after importing two pounds of marijuana into Singapore

marijuana Singapore

A Singaporean man, who allegedly imported one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana from Malaysia to Singapore three years ago, is set to be hanged after the Apex Court dismissed his appeal on Tuesday.

Death penalty: Omar Yacob Bamadhaj, 41, was arrested at a routine check at Woodlands Checkpoint on July 12, 2018 for possessing three bundles of cannabis. He was sentenced to death in February, reported Channel News Asia.

More Young Chinese People are Using Marijuana After Studying in the U.S. and Canada

Prosecutors from Nanjing, China are blaming overseas influence over the growing number of marijuana abuse cases in the country calling it a “serious problem” for young people.

In the statement released by the Nanjing People’s Procuratorate last week, officials said “Young people studying abroad are more vulnerable to Western subcultures,” according to South China Morning Post.

Philippines’ Duterte Jokes About Using Ma‌riju‌an‌a to Get by ‘K‌‌illi‌n‌‌g’ Work Schedule

duterte marijuana

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte raised questions after claiming that he uses mari‌jua‌na to stay up amid “kil‌lin‌g” schedules at work.

Speaking at an awards ceremony on Monday, the 73-year-old head of state reportedly made the comment in connection to a recent summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Singapore, the Associated Press reported.

China Warns Citizens in Canada to Avoid ‌‌Ma‌rij‌u‌a‌‌n‌a to ‘Protect’ Themselves

China warned its citizens living in Canada to avoid contact with ma‌r‌i‌ju‌‌a‌na, a little more than a week after the North American country legalized its use for recreational purposes.

In a letter published by the consulate-general in Toronto, Chinese citizens — especially students — are discouraged from getting anywhere near m‌ar‌iju‌an‌‌a to safeguard their physical and mental health.

Bruce Lee’s Marijuana Use, New Theory on His Passing Revealed in New Biography

A new biography released by publisher Simon & Schuster titled “Bruce Lee: A Life” written by Matthew Polly is revealing some new and lesser known details about the iconic martial arts and Hollywood legend 45 years after his p‌assing.

The biography covers the background of Lee’s parents, his Eurasian mother who came from a powerful Hong Kong family and a father who was an actor, as well as his troubled youth and the beginning of his Wing Chun training.