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Chinese Woman Discovers Her Massage is Being Live-Streamed to Half-Naked Man

A spa parlor in Wuhan, Hebei province, China is now being investigated after one of their intern masseuse live-streamed a customer’s spa session to a man, who was naked from the waist up, during a session on Monday.

The female client, only identified by her surname Li, was shocked when she found out that her massage at the Xiyue Life Spa in Wuhan was being live-streamed to a man on the other end of a video call. She discovered the incident when she heard a noise coming from a phone.

Stylish Grannies Go Viral in China For Teaching Women to Survive in the Modern World

A stylish Chinese grandmother duo is taking the internet by storm with their viral live-streams where they give tips on becoming a proud and empowered independent woman. An 81-year-old granny named Wei Yuqin from Liuzhou first went viral when her grandson Jiang Yaolong uploaded a video of her riding a motorcycle on social media.

Once Wei’s internet popularity rose, her grandson decided to become her producer and created a live-stream channel for Wei and her 89-year-old friend Qin Cuiqiong. The Chinese duo have since made 147 shows in their channel on Kuaishou called “My Fashionable Grannies.”

Girls in China Are Making Up to $20,000 a Month Live Streaming Their Lives Online

Young social media stars in China are making loads of money by live streaming on their phones, according to ABC Australia.

China’s live streaming industry has gotten so big that the market is now valued at $11 billion — bigger than the country’s film industry. By comparison, Twitter’s live streaming platform Periscope claims only around 10 million users worldwide while the top five Chinese live stream apps have more than 85 million active users.