Chinese Woman Discovers Her Massage is Being Live-Streamed to Half-Naked Man

Chinese Woman Discovers Her Massage is Being Live-Streamed to Half-Naked Man

May 10, 2019
A spa parlor in Wuhan, Hebei province, China is now being investigated after one of their intern masseuse live-streamed a customer’s spa session to a man, who was naked from the waist up, during a session on Monday.
The female client, only identified by her surname Li, was shocked when she found out that her massage at the Xiyue Life Spa in Wuhan was being live-streamed to a man on the other end of a video call. She discovered the incident when she heard a noise coming from a phone.

After discovering the video chat, Li, who was nude from the waist up at the time, quickly took the phone that was facing her from the table and immediately called the police, according to Chutian Metropolis News via South China Morning Post.
Police collected evidence and found the video chat was started when I was having the spa. Officers were shocked that the video chat lasted 33.33 minutes. My spa had been live-streamed,” the customer wrote in a Chinese review site.
An executive of Xiyue Life Spa, surnamed Chen, spoke to reporters and claimed that the masseuse was an intern and that the whole incident was accidental.
However, Li claimed in her post that the spa offered her 20,000 yuan ($2,900) to keep quiet. It was also claimed there that the masseuse could not be held accountable for what happened as the person is under the age of 16.
Li insisted that the masseuse had broken a rule of the spa by taking a cellphone inside the massage room with a client and by chatting on video with a friend.
Chen, meanwhile, said that both the spa and Li have yet to reach an agreement as she’s demanding a much higher compensation than what the spa was offering.
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