Man confronts controversial livestreamer who harrassed people in Tokyo about WWII

Man confronts controversial livestreamer who harrassed people in Tokyo about WWII
@CatchUpFeed (left), Johnny Somali (right)
Bryan Ke
July 14, 2023
Controversial Kick streamer JohnnySomali was confronted by a man for his antics in Japan, where he made offensive remarks about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing during World War II.
Key details: A clip uploaded to Twitter by @CatchUpFeed shows JohnnySomali being confronted by a man — who is reportedly American — at what appears to be the entrance of a mall in an undisclosed country.
The confrontation: The video starts with the man approaching JohnnySomali and asking if he was the streamer who filmed himself harassing subway passengers in Tokyo in May by repeatedly yelling “Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” JohnnySomali initially denies it, but when the man asks if he is sure, he retracts his answer and tells him, “It’s me, yeah. What’s up?”
I got a problem with you, bro,” says the man, to which the livestreamer replies, “I’m a troll.”
My wife is Japanese,” the man tells JohnnySomali. “You go there and insult people like that. Do you know how many people died from Hiroshima, and you’re joking about that sh*t?”
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Explaining his side: During the exchange, the livestreamer says he has already apologized for the controversy, during which he claims he was drunk at the time.
“Is that a threat?”: The encounter became slightly heated when the man tells JohnnySomali, “I’ve seen how people in Tokyo whoop your ass. You’re lucky I don’t do the same.”
Is that a threat?” JohnnySomali asks the American man, who replies, “It is, yeah.”
The man then admonishes the livestreamer for “harassing people like that — innocent people who didn’t do anything.”
Japanese people are the most polite people I ever met in my life,” the man says, “and you’re out here f*cking with them like that. For what, bro? For a little bit of clout? It’s pathetic.”
Previous incidents: JohnnySomali was slapped in the face last month for his antics while walking on a busy street in Japan. Weeks later, he was dragged to the ground by an attacker soon after his video went viral in the country.
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