Stylish Grannies Go Viral in China For Teaching Women to Survive in the Modern World

Stylish Grannies Go Viral in China For Teaching Women to Survive in the Modern World

November 1, 2017
A stylish Chinese grandmother duo is taking the internet by storm with their viral live-streams where they give tips on becoming a proud and empowered independent woman.
Once Wei’s internet popularity rose, her grandson decided to become her producer and created a live-stream channel for Wei and her 89-year-old friend Qin Cuiqiong. The Chinese duo have since made 147 shows in their channel on Kuaishou called “My Fashionable Grannies.”
The viral live-stream managed to net the hip elderly pair almost 10,000 yuan ($1,500) on a monthly basis, according to Quartz. Producer Jiang revealed that thousands of the income made by the show goes straight to the granny duo’s pockets.
“A woman must know how to make money, how to drive a car, and how to wear make-up. always make sure that her car’s gas tank is full, that her phone is charged, and her wallet filled with money. That’s how to be secure. The thought of counting on others is nonsense,” Wei expressed in their recent live-streaming episode. Wei mostly leads the conversation in their viral live-stream shows while her friend Qin usually supports her by nodding in agreement.
“Women must live with backbone—you can get into a relationship and treat it seriously for the purpose of marriage, or you can choose to do it just for fun, or you can stay single with pride. But no matter what, women shouldn’t expend their youth on training a man who will become the husband of another,” Wei added.
Considering the fact that granny’s can now compete in the youth-dominated live-stream platform, this just shows that it’s never too late when it comes to becoming a star. In fact, there are even grannies such as Lin, who managed to become a full-blown fashionista despite her age.
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