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Why do Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays? The answer ‘whale’ surprise you

miyeokguk tradition

It’s a feeling many Koreans might understand — walking into the kitchen on the morning of your birthday only to be hit by the smell of  briny ocean air. Brewing on the stove is a pot of miyeokguk, or seaweed (miyeok) soup (guk), made with the slippery brown seaweed one might recognize washed ashore at the beach. Regardless of how you feel about the taste, that same slippery goodness will often accompany your celebratory day. But where does this Korean tradition come from? 

Birthday miyeokguk stems from another Korean tradition of new mothers eating the soup to aid in postpartum recovery. For the first few months after childbirth, Korean women will often consume the dish for up to several meals per day for its nutritional benefits — and how that tradition originated is where it gets interesting. 

Massive Korean Food Hall to Open in San Diego in June

To celebrate the grand opening of a new 40,000+ square foot H Mart in San Diego, the location will be hosting an onsite Korean food hall if you’re looking for things to do in San Diego.

The famous Asian Supermarket is expected to open its doors as soon as Friday, June 7 at a former Sports Authority building located at 7725 Balboa Avenue in Kearny Mesa. The market will soon be home to everything from fresh meat and seafood, produce as well as packaged goods and will also host a Korean food hall featuring five unique concepts.

Cooking Magazine Gets Flak for Pretty Much Not Knowing Anything About Korean Food

Cook’s Illustrated has come under fire after an Instagram post showing what supposedly are “staples” in the Korean dish, bulgogi and a Japanese brand for kimchi.

The post, which came with a string of related hashtags, drew comments claiming that the magazine had no idea what actually went with bulgogi, a traditional dish made of thinly-sliced, marinated beef.