How to Cook the ‘Jjapaguri’ Dish From ‘Parasite’

How to Cook the ‘Jjapaguri’ Dish From ‘Parasite’How to Cook the ‘Jjapaguri’ Dish From ‘Parasite’
The Oscar-winning film “Parasite” from acclaimed director Bong Joon Ho delivers numerous memorable moments.
Among them is a scene in which the Park family returned home early from their camping trip and the Kim family quickly cleaned the house for their arrival.
During the scene, the mother of the Kim family was tasked to cook “jjapaguri,” a popular Korean dish. In a matter of minutes, she fixed up something that looked quite appetizing, with the addition of steak as a special ingredient.
Now, with the film’s growing popularity outside Korea, curious foodies may want to know how to prepare the dish.
Jjapaguri with steak (aka “Ram-don”) is actually just a mix of two types of instant noodles by Nongshim company called Chapagetti and Neoguri, hence the name. The recipe is fairly simple and easy to follow.
First, prepare the ingredients:
1 packet of Chapagetti instant noodles
1 packet of Neoguri instant noodles
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About 200 grams of beef (steak)
Then boil 3 cups of water.
After cutting the beef into bite-sized pieces, cook it in a pan with butter over high heat.
Season the meat with a pinch of salt, black pepper and a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
Cook the noodles and the vegetable flakes in the boiling water for two to three minutes. Drain the noodles but set aside 1 cup of the starchy water. 
Place the noodles and the hot water into a pan and turn the heat on again. Pour in the black Chapagetti sauce powder and half of the red Neoguri sauce powder to the noodles.
Then stir the beef into the noodles, turn the heat off and add the Chapagetti oil.
Your Jjapaguri is now ready to serve!
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