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Asian American Congresswoman Makes History By Wearing Korean Hanbok to Swear In

Rep. Marilyn Strickland (D-Wash.) makes history as the first Korean American politician to appear in a traditional Korean outfit Hanbok during her swearing-in ceremony.

The 58-year-old politician won the November 2020 election and made history as one of the first three Korean American women to win an election to the House, according to The Hill. Strickland also became the first African American member to represent her state of Washington at the federal level.

Asian Student Reported Her Ex-Friend Over a Racist Instagram Post, She Was Accused of LYING Instead

high school

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with additional comments from Madison’s mother, Christina Chacon.

A Korean American high school senior in Georgia is being praised on social media for speaking up against racism toward the Asian community in this time of coronavirus pandemic — especially after her authenticity was questioned by no less than a principal.

LAPD Officer Becomes the First-Ever Korean American Deputy Chief


The Los Angeles Police Department is celebrating a historic moment after Dominic Choi became the first Korean American to be promoted as deputy chief in the history of the LAPD.

Choi reached the rank after working his way up the ladders in his 25 years of service with the department, according to ABC7. His promotion and accomplishments were recognized by the Los Angeles City Council on Friday.

Korean American Diplomat Quits Job Because of Trump’s ‘Naked Unapologetic Cruelty’

Former United States foreign service officer Chuck Park recently sat down in an interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper to explain how the past three years of the Trump administration “have felt like the house is on fire.”

Park, who is the first Asian American to resign from the current government, quit his State Department post at the U.S. consulate in Vancouver, Canada last week in protest of what he described as a “toxic agenda” of the current administration. 

American Man Identified as Murderer of Half Asian Son, Korean Wife Killed in 1998

murder victims

After over two decades of investigation, authorities have now confirmed that the bodies of two murder victims, an unidentified boy and a Korean woman in two separate states beside the same U.S. highway were in fact mother and son.

The remains of the boy, identified as 10-year-old Robert “Bobby” Adam Whitt who was born in Michigan and raised in Ohio, was found under an Interstate 85-40 billboard in North Carolina in September 1998. Cho Myoung Hwa’s remains were found a few months earlier on May 13, 1998 on the same highway in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, according to AP via South China Morning Post. It was reported that her hands were bound and had been suffocated.

Meet Flowsik, The Korean American Rapper From Queens Who Adopted Hip Hop Culture to Survive


There’s a popular clip on YouTube from Korea’s rap reality show, “Show Me The Money”, showcasing the Team Battle Mission segment in which contestants duke it out in a scripted rap battle on stage. The two contestants are Donutman, a more-or-less obscure Korean rapper who has received some controversy for his pro-marijuana stances, and a rapper named Flowsik from Queens, New York.

Flowsik sets the battle off by spitting rapid flows over the instrumental to Desiigner’s “Panda,” one of the year’s top tracks. He’s composed and malevolent; he throws Korean won on the stage and sizes up Donutman’s team members, telling him he’ll “chop him up like Lee Yeon-bok” in his signature gruff, husky vocal tone. Donutman fails to impress with a shorter, messier team-oriented rap over The Throne’s “Otis,” in which he takes shots at Flowsik’s age. At the end of the video, contestants and judges agree that “Flowsik did better.” Their assessment was rather measured.

Church Founded By South Koreans Reveals Why They Worship Guns and Wear Crowns

Sanctuary Church

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, also known as the Sanctuary Church, made headlines earlier this year when crown-wearing members showed up with AR-15 rifles in a “commitment ceremony.”

Since then, the small church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania has attracted widespread attention, more recently when its current leader Rev. Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon crashed a GOP event to “bless” it.