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‘Dreams as boundless as their potential’: Remembering the first Korean immigrants to arrive in the US

  • The U.S. celebrates Korean American Day every year on Jan. 13.
  • The first large group of Korean immigrants arrived in Honolulu on Jan. 13, 1903, but succeeding immigration was hampered by racist U.S. policies until 1965.
  • President Joe Biden recently recognized Korean Americans for their contributions in all aspects of American society despite the discrimination they face amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this day in 1903, the first wave of Korean immigrants landed on U.S. soil. Aboard the RMS Gaelic, 102 passengers arrived on the shores of Honolulu in search of greener pastures.

That fateful day would herald a century of immigration and diplomatic relations between the U.S. and South Korea. It would also be recognized as Korean American Day, which commemorates the contributions of Korean Americans in all aspects of American life.

‘She’s being very Asian’: Viewer criticizes Korean American anchor for talking about dumpling soup on New Year’s Day

Michelle Li She's Being Very Asian
  • A Korean American news anchor in Missouri said on air that she had dumpling soup on New Year’s Day.
  • A viewer called in to say she took offense to the anchor’s remarks, saying white people would not be allowed to speak the same way.
  • Celebrities, journalists, politicians, influencers and social media users have rallied behind the anchor using the hashtag #VeryAsian on Twitter.

A Korean American news anchor in Missouri received an outpouring of support after a viewer complained about her for talking about dumpling soup on New Year’s Day.

Michelle Li, who works at KDSK-TV, an NBC affiliate based in St. Louis, was reporting on food Americans typically eat during New Year celebrations when she mentioned the ethnic dish.

‘Emily in Paris’ star Ashley Park describes onscreen friendship as the ‘best version’ of white allyship

At first glance, Netflix’s hit comedy-drama “Emily in Paris” delivers exactly as promised. There’s fashion, food, flings and friendship, tied together in the form of escapist TV one can expect from “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star, albeit with Fifth Avenue swapped out for Champs-Élysées. 

Dig a little deeper, however, and you might begin to see the reasons for all the controversy surrounding the show and how it enraged a whole European nation after its first season premiered in 2020. While some viewers admired the titular character’s charm as she navigates a world she knows nothing about after uprooting her life in the States, others found her sense of American exceptionalism insufferable.

Emma Broyles makes history as Miss America’s first Korean American, Alaskan winner in its 100 years

Miss Alaska, Emma Broyles, was crowned Miss America 2022 last week, making her the first Korean American and the first Alaskan to win the title in the beauty pageant’s 100-year history.

Breaking records: Speaking to the Associated Press on Friday after the event, Broyles, 20, admitted she was stunned when they announced she was the winner at the pageant, which took place at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

‘It’s not just this magical, fantasy world’: Korean American TikToker on changing attitudes toward South Korea

Priscilla Kwan

Whether it’s in the form of music, TV shows, skincare products or marinated meat, Korean culture is everywhere. On TikTok, Korean American creator Priscilla Kwon, who once hid her culture to fit in, amasses millions of views by sharing whatever’s trending in Korea with the social media platform’s global audiences. But despite the rise in appreciation for Korean culture, Kwon says there’s a disturbing pattern among some who have grown obsessed with an image of Korea seen only in K-dramas and K-pop concerts.

​​”There’s just so much attention when it comes to Korea and Korean culture right now,” Kwon explained to NextShark in an interview. She speaks from firsthand experience, as her journey on TikTok started out as a means to keep herself entertained during the pandemic before eventually turning into a full-fledged career. With almost 900,000 followers now, Kwon puts out a steady stream of Korean cultural content that more and more people are eager to learn from. 

Asian American Congresswoman Makes History By Wearing Korean Hanbok to Swear In

Rep. Marilyn Strickland (D-Wash.) makes history as the first Korean American politician to appear in a traditional Korean outfit Hanbok during her swearing-in ceremony.

The 58-year-old politician won the November 2020 election and made history as one of the first three Korean American women to win an election to the House, according to The Hill. Strickland also became the first African American member to represent her state of Washington at the federal level.

Asian Student Reported Her Ex-Friend Over a Racist Instagram Post, She Was Accused of LYING Instead

high school

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with additional comments from Madison’s mother, Christina Chacon.

A Korean American high school senior in Georgia is being praised on social media for speaking up against racism toward the Asian community in this time of coronavirus pandemic — especially after her authenticity was questioned by no less than a principal.

LAPD Officer Becomes the First-Ever Korean American Deputy Chief


The Los Angeles Police Department is celebrating a historic moment after Dominic Choi became the first Korean American to be promoted as deputy chief in the history of the LAPD.

Choi reached the rank after working his way up the ladders in his 25 years of service with the department, according to ABC7. His promotion and accomplishments were recognized by the Los Angeles City Council on Friday.