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Wuxia comic studio launches Kickstarter for sequel to wildly successful series debut

The Adept 2 Kickstarter Immortal Studios

After a best-selling Kickstarter launch in 2020, Immortal, the world’s first studio dedicated to creating an epic interconnected Wuxia storyverse, is back to continue the wildly popular Wuxia series “The Adept” with its second issue.

“The Adept” is the brainchild of writers Tasha Huo (Netflix’s “Tomb Raider”)  and Charlie Stickney (“White Ash” and “Glarien”) with illustrations by Yishan Li (Dark Horse’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). The first issue’s Kickstarter became one of the platform’s best-selling first issues, crowdfunding $35,165 of a $10,000 goal with over 1,200 eager backers.

How a Singaporean Woman Built a $1.8 Million Apparel Brand by 24

Mandy Chan

Singaporean Mandy Chan became her own boss to have full autonomy over her life at age 19. Today, the 24-year-old entrepreneur behind a lifestyle brand is valued at around $2.5 million Singaporean dollars ($1.8 million).

Breaking the mold: A few years ago, Chan used her gap year to fulfill a longtime dream of running a business instead of pursuing a university degree, according to Zula

Boba Barista Creates Eco-Friendly Boba Bottle You Can Take With You Anywhere

Galina Lang has worked for three years as a part-time boba barista while studying marketing at a Bay Area university when she began to notice the mounds of plastic cups and straws piling up every day.

“More than 60,000,000 plastic boba cups are estimated to end up in the ocean on an annual basis until 2023,” she told NextShark. While so many of us drink boba regularly without a second thought, our addiction could also have terrible implications for the environment.

Teacher Sees Lack of Asian American Authors in Children’s Books, Finds Genius Solution

Angel Halo Chang Kickstarter

Like a real-life Pepper Zhang, Angel Halo Chang celebrates her eccentricity. As a child, she preferred playing with a large cardboard box instead of dolls, collected cartoon lunch tins to use as purses, brought jump rope to play double dutch during the last month before high school graduation, and was even crowned Miss Congeniality in Miss Asian America Pageant 2009. Her imagination is as limitless as her ability to find inspiration in the everyday – which, perhaps not surprisingly, made her perfectly suited to write children’s books.

“I like books with pictures, so I made my own,” Chang says. “I’ve always thought of myself as a creative person, but I lacked formal skills training. So when I didn’t fit the qualifications for a creative job, I made my own role: Head of Storytelling.”

Columbia Student Forms K-POP Boy Band With No Koreans in Sight

Bora Kim, an “interdisciplinary artist and sociologist from Seoul, Korea,” is attempting the impossible: to get her non-Korean boy band creation to break into K-pop stardom in Korea.

The Columbia University graduate student signed up 6 talented young men who went through an audition and selection process that she and her associates, Karin Kuroda and Samantha Shao, have prepared.

Photographer Dad Features Daughters in Terrifying Book of Children’s Nightmares on Kickstarter

When parents photograph their children they usually strive to make their kids look as angelic as possible in a beautiful place set among the clouds or a field of flowers. That was not what photographer dad Joshua Hoffine was going for in his pictures at all.

Hoffine, who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, captures the most ghoulish scenes people have nightmares of as children.