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Intern Threatened By Boss in NJ Offered New Job From Asian American Founder

An intern who resisted threats by an executive director of non-profit Camden County Historical Society (CCHS) into doing work beyond her scope has just found a new company to work for.

Leaked emails: Facebook user Nhu Tran published email exchanges showing how “Helen” (not her real name) responded to apparent bullying attempts by her boss Jack O’Byrne, NextShark reported earlier.

Interns at Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter Make an Insane Amount of Money

The word “internship” usually conjures up ideas like “unpaid” and “free labor,” but there are certain internships that are perhaps even better than real jobs.

A University of California, Berkeley student recently compiled a list of all the top tech companies that pay their interns a handsome sum for choosing to gain work experience with them. Rodney Folz conducted a survey using responses from the computer science departments, current interns and other coding-focused Facebook groups and email contact lists. After generating the results he uploaded the list to his Twitter account.