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Chinese Adoptee Born With One Arm is Now a HS Basketball Star

Ben Pimlott, a 15-year-old Chinese adoptee born without a fully formed right arm, has earned his spot as one of the starter players for the Cambridge Rindge & Latin freshmen boys’ basketball team after consistently putting on spectacular performances in his games last season. 

Using only one able hand, the 5-foot-7-inch guard has been shooting accurately from long range and playing competitively following a breakout performance where he made eight 3-pointers, producing 32 points in total, during a mid-season road game against Bedford, according to the Boston Globe.

Fitness Trainer Purposely Gains 70 Pounds to Inspire a Client — Loses Weight With Her

In an effort to inspire his client to lose weight, a dedicated personal trainer gained 70 lbs in less than four months so that they could get in shape together.

To reach the desired weight, fitness expert Adonis Hill had to stop his routine exercise and take in 7,000 calories per day. The heavier trainer surprised his client Alissa Kane, who joined the TV show “Fit to Fat to Fit” as a last-ditch effort to lose some pounds.

How Reddit Banded Together to Help a Woman Save Her Small Business

Reddit, the internet’s primary resource for quality cat gifs and the platform for which most major publications get their source material, is also one of the most supportive communities on the internet.

Entrepreneur Sue Sullivan experienced this firsthand when the Reddit community banded together to save her struggling small business (in the real world!) through sheer power in numbers. In a post on Imgur today, and subsequently the front page of Reddit, Sullivan detailed just how much Reddit’s love for sauces changed her life forever.

This ‘Putinspiration’ Instagram Provides the Only Motivation You’ll Ever Need In Life

Vladimir Putin might be the world’s most interesting man as he’s been the president of Russia twice, was stationed in a foreign land as a Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB, and has black belts in kyokushin karate and judo — to name a few of his achievements.

Putin was elected Russia’s president for two consecutive terms in 2000 and 2004 and then controversially won the election in 2012 for his third term as president.

Homeless Man’s Piano Performance Goes Viral Online, Raises $40,000 to Turn His Life Around

A homeless man in Florida became an Internet sensation after a video of him playing the piano on a sidewalk went viral. Donald Gould, 51, has now been given a second chance to turn his life around thanks to fans who created a GoFundMe page for the Sarasota man. His crowdfunding page garnered widespread support, raising $40,000 in eight days from generous donors who learned of Gould’s story.

The financial support will go towards helping Gould get back on his feet after being homeless for six years. His phenomenal musical talent already worked some of its magic by reconnecting him with his long lost son on Thursday. Gould has revealed that he is entering a rehab program, stepping forward to battle his years of substance abuse that started with the death of his wife 17 years ago.

Seven Investors Rejected This Startup in 2008, Now They’re Worth $25 Billion

Today, Airbnb is valued at a whopping $25 billion. But what most people don’t remember is how far they’ve come since their inception in 2007. 

Today, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky penned a Medium post recounting back to June 25, 2008 when the then-startup was trying to raise $150,000 at a $1.5 million valuation. That means that if you invested $150,000, you’d own 10% of Airbnb.

Good Guy Tiger Woods Writes Encouraging Letter to Bullied Young Golfer

Being a winner isn’t just about your performance on the field, it’s also about what you do off of it.

LGPA golfer Sophie Gustafson, who speaks with a stutter, has been mentoring a young teenager named Dillon, who also stutters. Dillon was bullied so much for his stutter that he once tried to commit suicide. The story of their friendship, as reported by Ron Sirak in Golf Digest, caught the attention of 14-time major champ Tiger Woods, who decided to write a letter, below, to the teen.