5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Fail in Their 20s to Be Successful

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Fail in Their 20s to Be Successful5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Fail in Their 20s to Be Successful
Everyone knows that failure is bad. It’s no secret that every single successful being today has noted failures in his or her life. Some choose to mope around and let it slowly destroy them, while others fight through and eventually see success. However, how does one actually “fight” through failure? The answer is simply to change your perspective on things. Here are five reasons why your failures are not as bad as you think.
1. You’re supposed to get them out of the way.
The higher you set your goals, the more chances you’ll face failure. These experiences are completely normal and are a part of life, especially when you’re young. In the end, you’re only human and failures are what helps mold you into the great being you can become.
2. You actually gain something from it.
Most people focus their failures on the idea that they’ve lost something. If you look at it in the most superficial way, they’re right! You might’ve lost money because your business failed or because of a critical mistake you made. However, as the old saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Every time you face failure, think of all the things you gained from that experience — this can include valuable experience on things you can apply to or avoid at your next venture. Whether you choose to simply cope with failure or use it as a tool for the future is up to you.
3. They make for great stories.
How interesting of a story would you have when all you can say is that you simply cruised your way to the top? What catches people’s attentions are all the hardships that you went through in order to be successful. Not everyone can relate to being rich and successful, but many can relate to going through struggles.
4. It keeps you grounded.
Failures are great reminders that you’re human. When you get used to seeing victories all the time, it can easily cloud your mind and make you feel too comfortable. Instead of looking at it in the worst way possible, think of it as a “reality check” for yourself to improve and do better.
5. You will get second chances to do better.
When we interviewed angel investor Jason Calacanis, he revealed that entrepreneurs who’ve failed are not seen as any less by investors. He says that as long as you tried your hardest, were honest, and failed with honor, it’s seen as a battle scar as opposed to a sign to never work with you ever again. In the end, 90 percent of startups fail, so you can do everything right in the world and things may still not go your way. The most important thing is to work your ass off, be a good person and keep hustling until you succeed.
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