Why Jeremy Lin is an Inspiration to Asians Everywhere

Why Jeremy Lin is an Inspiration to Asians EverywhereWhy Jeremy Lin is an Inspiration to Asians Everywhere
Editorial Staff
December 19, 2016
Jeremy Lin is a inspiration to the entire Asian community and not just because he’s Asian — it’s also because he’s the ultimate underdog story.
He fell in love with basketball after his father introduced it to him.
Despite being looked down upon because of his race, his skills on the court earned the respect of his teammates.
Despite being one of the best players in California, he didn’t earn a single Division 1 scholarship offer.
Despite being a star player at Harvard, he wasn’t drafted by a single NBA team until the Golden State Warriors signed him in 2010.
He barely got any playing time and was released after just one season. The Houston Rockets then took him in, but released him before the season even began.
The New York Knicks then brought him on. He was pretty much a bench player until something special happened on February 4, 2012.
While playing against the Brooklyn Nets, Lin surprised everyone and scored 25 points — giving his team a much needed win.
From then on he led his team to seven consecutive wins, sparking “Linsanity”.
He helps to break the stereotype that Asian men are unattractive and undesirable.
He has the coolest handshakes ever.
When the haters doubted him…
…He silenced them on the court.
He has the most awesome hairdos.
The legends praise him.
His fans adore him.
Even today, he deals with BS on the court because of his race…
But he doesn’t let it get to him.
When shit hits the fan and he gets injured, he doesn’t mope around like a pansy.
He doesn’t flop on the court like some people we know.
He makes himself useful to his team no matter what.
He makes Asians believe that anything is possible and to not let society’s perceptions of them hold them back.
Thank you for all you do Jeremy Lin.
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