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Landmark Ruling in Japan Recognizes Survivors of Atomic Bombing Outside Hiroshima


After decades of alleged neglect, Japan finally recognizes people who lived further away from Hiroshima as survivors of the atomic bombing in 1945. 

Landmark ruling: A Hiroshima district court ruled on Wednesday that 84 more plaintiffs, exposed to radioactive “black rain” during World War II, are now entitled to the same medical benefits as those who lived closer to where the bomb fell. The court “ordered the Hiroshima city and prefectural governments to provide free medical treatment” to the victims, reported The Guardian. This comes one week before Hiroshima is set to mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on August 6.

Hiroshima Teen Gets Asked if Japanese People Hate Americans for Atomic Bombing, Their Answer is Beautiful


This week, the world remembered the first atomic bomb that the U.S. dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, a move that killed 70,000 people in less than a minute.

The event, which altered history and was one of the final moves of World War II, left the people of Japan scarred for generations, healing as a collective to this date.

Up to 100,000 Koreans Killed in Atomic Bombings of Japan Remembered on 74th Anniversary

Korean victims of the World War II Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings were remembered during the 74th-anniversary ceremony in South Korea.

Around 400 Korean survivors and their families attended the ceremony held in Hapcheon, South Gyeongsang Province, on Tuesday morning, according to Korea Herald. They were joined by Minister of Health and Welfare Park Neung-hoo and South Gyeongsang Province Gov. Kim Kyung-soo, and many others.

Another White Actor Has Been Cast in a Movie About Hiroshima and Asian Americans are Pissed

The casting of White actress Evan Rachel Wood in a new movie on post-war Hiroshima has sparked ire among Asian Americans on social media.

Wood, who currently stars as Dolores Abernathy in HBO’s “Westworld,” will play the role of Eleanor Coerr in “One Thousand Paper Cranes,” a film based on the true story of Hiroshima survivor Sadako Sasaki.

Japanese Woman May Face Prison After Being Caught With a ‘Marijuana Hot Dog’ at Airport

A 21-year-old Japanese woman was arrested at Hiroshima Airport on September 20 after authorities discovered a small amount of marijuana tucked inside a hot dog bun.

Risa Yorizane, a Hiroshima resident and college student, was arrested by the police after arriving at the airport from her vacation in Europe, according to Nikkan Sports via SoraNews24.

Japan Calls For a World Without Nuclear Weapons on 72nd Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing

August 6th, 1945; a day that will forever live in infamy. The day that the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, obliterating approximately 146,000 people, destroying a once bustling metropolis, and changing the way warfare was waged.

Seventy-two years later, on August 6th, 2017, approximately 50,000 people, including representatives from 80 different nations, came together to attend an annual ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, according to NPR. During this time, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for a global effort to put an end to the use of nuclear weapons.

Rare Footage of Hiroshima Before the U.S. Dropped an Atomic Bomb Released

Hiroshima Film Kimono

Last week, the Hiroshima Peace Museum released newly digitized footage of Hiroshima in 1935, approximately ten years before the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the region. The original film was shot by the late Hiroshima resident Genjiro Kawasaki and is the only footage of the city before World War II in the museum’s possession.

According to the Japan Times, the 16 mm film footage is “valuable data that clearly shows how Hiroshima looked before being atom-bombed,” a museum staff member said.