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Salutatorian Faces Racist Bullying After Applauding ‘Middle Eastern Peers’ in Speech


A young Asian American woman in Davie, Fla., has become the target of racist cyberbullying after she applauded “Middle Eastern peers” for making it through high school in her graduation speech.

What she said: Rachel Cheng, this year’s salutatorian of Western High School, used her time on stage on June 8 to address the struggles faced by Asian Americans and other minorities to get to graduation.

SF’s Top Public High School Drops Good Grades for Admissions, Will Now Use Lottery

Lowell High School, regarded as San Francisco’s top public high school, will no longer consider academic achievement in its admission process.

The San Francisco Board of Education voted 5-2 in favor of a random lottery system on Tuesday night, halting the school’s century-long practice of administering entrance tests and evaluating scholastic records.

Washington School District Says Asians Aren’t ‘Students of Color’, Now Counted With White Students

students of color

A school district in Washington has sparked controversy after excluding Asians from a category that denoted “students of color” in a performance report.

North Thurston Public Schools (NTPS), which oversees 22 schools and some 16,000 students, instead lumped Asian and White students together, hoping that it would boost the growth rate of underperforming groups.

California Passes Bill to Make Ethnic Studies a Requirement for High School Students

ethnic studies

A new California bill headed to Governor Gavin Newsom is set to make ethnic studies a graduation requirement for high school students in the state.

Assembly Bill 331: Should the governor sign the landmark bill, California would become the first state to require that all high school students pass a one-semester ethnic studies course, SF Chronicle reports.  

Fruit Cut By Your Asian Parents is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s a quarter past midnight. There are about a million jumbled thoughts racing through my scrambled mind, but one common theme interconnects them all: I am completely, utterly, devastatingly unprepared for my chemistry test tomorrow. I can’t tell the difference between an alkene and an alkane, and I haven’t even gotten around to studying NMRs yet. 

There’s a certain gut feeling you get in situations like this. It’s a taunting, tiny, yet deafening voice circling the back of your head, whispering “you’re screwed” over and over again; it’s a sinking feeling in your stomach you get when you’re almost to the drop of the roller coaster, like you know the worst is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Life is a highway, and I was about to crash. 

Asian Student Reported Her Ex-Friend Over a Racist Instagram Post, She Was Accused of LYING Instead

high school

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with additional comments from Madison’s mother, Christina Chacon.

A Korean American high school senior in Georgia is being praised on social media for speaking up against racism toward the Asian community in this time of coronavirus pandemic — especially after her authenticity was questioned by no less than a principal.

Grandpa Who Didn’t Finish High School Because of WW2 Concentration Camps Graduates With Grandson

A 93-year-old grandfather recently graduated high school together with his grandson last week.

The grandfather, Haruo Hayashi, was among the many students to receive their high school diplomas on Thursday, June 6, during a graduation ceremony at Arroyo Grande High School. There, he was accompanied by his grandson who also graduated with his class.

Chinese High School Only Lets Top Students Enjoy Air-Conditioning

air condition

A high school in central China is facing backlash online after announcing that only its top students can study in rooms with air conditioning. 

Shangqiu No. 4 Senior High School, located in Henan province, mandated that only two classes of seniors with the highest grades can study in air-conditioned rooms, leaving the rest in uncomfortable conditions in the upcoming summer months.